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Fans Speak: What Does this Cup Run Mean to You?



In the spirit of Memorial Day and in tribute to so many of you, who have followed this website from its origins to For the thousands of you who have returned daily to read our hockey folks analyze, breakdown and opine–we present YOUR opportunity to contribute.

Please do. Simple topic:  What does this chance at the Cup mean to you? No city uses “we” quite like Pittsburgh, so–let’s here you.  Click the Comment bar below and let-r-rip! We ask you keep it to under 500 words and only use profanity when absolutely necessary (Sometimes, it’s the only word that will do…)

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  1. Dan Kingerski

    May 26, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Down here! Click to Comment.

  2. Dave Holcomb

    May 29, 2017 at 10:12 am

    It means a hell of a lot. Every Burgh championship is special, but I think this one might go down as one of the most special I’ve ever seen. The things this team has been able to overcome are truly mind boggling. It’s the most resilient Pittsburgh team I’ve ever seen.

    The Steelers have always been my favorite team, but the Pens are darn close right now because of that resiliency. The players are generally all likable too. The Steelers used to be that way, but there’s just so many prima donnas in the NFL now, every team has a few. The Pens players appear down to earth in their interviews. They are a perfect blend of stars, castoffs and young developed talent. They aren’t dirty and play the game the right way.

    It makes it ever more special that they are on the verge of repeating and truly putting this team in elite company.

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