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What is PHN Extra?

PHN Extra is Pittsburgh Hockey Now’s subscriber only content–with a few extra bonuses.

Here’s what you get with PHN Extra:

  • More content from Dan, Matt and Shelly: Bonus articles and features only available to our subscribers.
  • Early-access articles: Articles on the site which are available first only to our subscribers. These articles will be available to the general readers 24-48 hours after their initial publication.
  • No programmatic ads: All subscribers get to experience a virtually ad-free reading experience. No google ads. No popups. (Only our unobtrusive local advertisers are excluded.)

You may be asking yourself, “what do I have to do to read this excellently written and insightful commentary and analysis?” Well, now it’s easier than ever! To gain access to the PHN Extra content, you simply have to sign-up at our Patreon page for the low, low price of $3 per month. Once you’re subscribed and logged in, head back on over to Pittsburgh Hockey Now and all the PHN Extra content will be unlocked. (You can also click on the “PHN EXTRA” image on the sidebar.)

Be an outsider, a rebel. Subscribe to PHN Extra and support Pittsburgh Hockey Now!

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