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Crosby Happy to Be in Same Stratosphere as Mario



It was suggested to center Sidney Crosby by Pittsburgh Hockey Now that, given the long list of Penguins all-time team records held by Mario Lemieux, the Hall of Famer could afford to yield one to the future Hall of Famer.

Crosby couldn’t help but grin.

“Yeah,” Crosby said. “That would be good.”

Crosby has 171 playoff points, one behind Lemieux’s 172 total. Crosby could tie or take over the franchise record with one or two points as soon as Game 4 of the Penguins’ first-round playoff series against the Flyers Wednesday in Philadelphia.

“I had no idea. … He’s got a lot (of records). Just to be close or in the company, I’d love to take that,” Crosby said. “We’ve been fortunate enough to play a lot of playoff games over the years. Pretty sure he’s had his fair share of playoff games, but he’s probably got a better points-per-game by a long shot.”

True enough. It took Lemieux just 105 postseason games to set the franchise record. Crosby will be playing in his 151st playoff game Wednesday.

Lemieux and Crosby, unfortunately for fans, overlapped by just half a season in the NHL, the 2005 portion of Crosby’s rookie season. It’s pure speculation how dynamic the Penguins might have been in the playoffs with both in the lineup — but what grand speculation.

Crosby was a hockey aficionado from a young age and has a keen interest in history – particularly hockey history – so he gets that in addition to Lemieux’s dominating talent, the now-co-owner of the club also played in a much higher-scoring era than Crosby, so most of his team records will probably remain far out of reach.

That’s OK with Crosby.

“Like I said, when you’re in that company, it’s great. It’s not why you play, but when it comes up it’s cool to be involved in that. Being one point away, like I said, I had no idea, but I would take being close with Mario. The day I came into the league, if someone told me I could be close, I would take it.”

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Shelly is a columnist and reporter for Pittsburgh Hockey Now. She was a Penguins beat writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and remains a contributor to The Hockey News. Catch her on Twitter @_shellyanderson

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Don James
Don James
4 years ago

The article did not note that when “Sid the kid” first reported to the Pens, He lived in Mario’s home, with Mario’s family. What a great opportunity! I credit that as a very important factor in Crosby’s development.

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