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Kingerski on Final Word: Penguins ‘A Little Bit Better’



Dan Kingerski on the Final Word
Dan Kingerski, Alby Oxenreiter, Alan Saunders, Tim Benz

His Twitter followers helped him pick his duds, and then PHN’s Dan Kingerski sounded even better than he looked Sunday night talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins as a panelist on WPXI-TV’s “Final Word.”

In the segment of the weekly show discussing the Penguins, Kingerski said the moves the team made leading up to the trade deadline make them a little bit better, but pointed out that there will difficult salary cap ramifications down the road, particularly with Mikael Granlund.

He also commented on the solid contribution the Penguins are getting from Drew O’Connor.

Kingerski’s five words on the Penguins’ playoff outlook were, “They will win the wildcard,” and he explained why he believes that.

Kingerski joined Tim Benz, Alan Saunders and host Alby Oxenreiter for the weekly TV sports talk show, after Kingerski asked for wardrobe input. You can decide if his audience has good taste


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