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Dan’s Daily: Jagr Scores Point in 33rd Season, Penguins Arriving



Jaromir Jagr, Pittsburgh Penguins

Are you enjoying the snow? Tell the teacher the kids need gym class and go sled riding! In today’s daily links, the Pittsburgh Penguins are trickling into town to start training camp, even though there isn’t an official start date. Former Penguins superstar Jaromir Jagr earned a point in the first game of his 33rd pro season, and we got some intel on what the Penguins’ schedule might look like.

High-level sources told the Hockey Now network the Penguins schedule might resemble MLB (PHN+)

Imagine four-game series against the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers. You think there’s a good hate going in a one-game now. Just imagine the fourth game.

Jaromir Jagr picked up the apple in his 33rd pro season. I didn’t realize his first two seasons for Kladno, before he snowed the NHL so the Penguins could draft him, counted as professional. Here’s the story and video (TSN)

NHL players are trickling back to their NHL cities for training camp, which will start…soon? (Sportsnet)

The Pittsburgh Penguins also tweeted a photo of a few guys on the ice.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman updated everyone on the NHL negotiations and mentioned “hubs” are possible (Sportsnet)

It’s 2020, and nothing is official even after it’s official, but we stand by our report that the plan is for teams to play in their own buildings. My opinion is that players would balk at more bubbles, though more Acts of God could make the bubble idea viable. It is good the NHL has the bubble plan ready to go, however.

The San Jose Sharks still don’t know where they will play. They’re trying to play in San Jose, but “it’s up in the air” (San Jose Hockey Now)

I hate snow. I hate cold weather. But boy, do I miss sled riding. Quick story:

When I was about 12-years-old, we had a blizzard. I spent an entire afternoon building a bobsled track. I built the high banks, the sweeping curves, and I even lugged buckets of water from the kitchen window to create ice so that it would be icy and fast.

It was a total labor of love because I desperately wanted to drive a bobsled. After hours of work, I was freezing. My feet were wet. And I was exhausted. But…it was finally done! So, I trudged up the hill, my puffy boots pounding through the deep snow, my heavy breath inches in front of me, with my sled in hand, ready for this wicked course that I created.

I sped down the hill towards turn 1, breathless with excitement. Then…SPLAT. I made the first turn too tight and faceplanted into the icy wall. Day over.

Have fun.