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Dan’s Daily Links: Kessel #3 on new Trade Board, How Do You Miss That Call?



Phil Kessel: Photo by Michael Miller

Errors in sports will happen for as long as human beings are involved. Face it, we’re an imperfect species. But when a Boston Bruins player goes arse over tea kettle in front of everyone and a national TV audience, the game of hockey suffers a figurative black eye. Suddenly, the extraordinary effort and leadership of Zdeno Chara who played with a broken jaw–and took a few jabs at it–is minimized and the imperfections of the game are front and center. Also in the daily links, there is a new NHL trade board up but Pittsburgh Penguins winger Phil Kessel isn’t first, and Patrick Marleau seems to recognize he won’t be in Toronto much longer.

Our boys at Boston Hockey Now covered Game 5. The non-call was a bit of an issue. Here’s the wild Game 5 Report Card (Boston Hockey Now)

Sportsnet thinks Game 5 was a black eye. Great photo of Cam Neely tossing the water bottle, too (Sportsnet)

Here is TSN analyst Craig Button’s final prospect list. Be looking in the 20’s for prospects to fall in love with then get mad when the Penguins skip…we all do it (TSN)

Could the New Jersey Devils take a run at acquiring P.K. Subban? There’s talk. I’m just saying. There’s talk, at least in the blogosphere. (All About the Jersey)

RedBeard's Pittsburgh

Here’s the brand new trade board from The Athletic. Kessel isn’t number one. (The Athletic, duh)

Patrick Marleau sees the writing on the wall in Toronto… His home is for sale. (The Star)

There are three RFA’s that we’ve circled who could be worth the first and third round picks requried to sign, and who the Pittsburgh Penguins should take a hard look at (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

And a little bonus. We spoke with folks close to Zach Aston-Reese, recently. The kid is gearing up for a big summer to launch his career. Read more (PHN Extra)

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  1. RobertU

    June 7, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Funny how when a bad call goes against Boston the whole hockey writers universe erupts in outrage. Milbury is probably still curled up in a corner somewhere. But, when much more egregious fouls are missed against teams like the Pens or Vegas, those same members of the sports media say things like “it’s part of the game” “you just have to play through it” “it really could have gone either way.”

    I mean, this one was a garden variety no call, the type of thing that happens 10x a game, and yet here we are talking about it as a “black eye.” But Crosby gets cross-checked in the face while another player is beating him in the back of the head with a stick and it’s just part of the game? Or the officials blow a call so badly it changes the outcome of a series for Vegas and the media’s take is “it was a judgment call.” Or, the officials once again hand the Sharks a game against the Blues by somehow missing a hand pass right in front of the goaltender. And that’s just part of the game?

    All of those were much more obvious and embarrassing missed calls. But somehow this one is a black eye? This my friends is why hockey has been unable to grow its fan base. Average sports fans want to see a fair game and some level of professionalism. The NHL and its mouthpieces consistently deliver neither.

    • Rick

      June 7, 2019 at 11:04 am

      RobertU, reading all the articles this morning, and actually listening to all of the analysis last night during and after the game, I couldn’t wait to respond somewhere. As I read this article I thought this is it, until I read your comments. You’ve put into words exactly what I might have written. I wonder what Neely was doing as he witnessed all of the missed calls against the Blues THROUGHOUT THIS SERIES! And oh my have there been some beauts! This outrage over missed calls is so funny! If Acciari had gotten up instead of trying to sell the penalty further and complaining to the ref, perhaps the Blues wouldn’t have scored. Which I am ecstatic they did by the way.

      • JICS

        June 8, 2019 at 12:49 am

        RobertU, I guess you wrote it for all of us – thanks! And Rick, you had a great add-on!!!

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