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Dan’s Daily Links: Canadiens Have ‘Lack of Demand,’ Won’t Open Facility



Pittsburgh Penguins Montreal Canadiens Ilya Kovalchuk

The Pittsburgh Penguins Qualifying Round opponent, the Montreal Canadiens will not hit the ice as soon as the Penguins. In fact, it might be a while longer before Montreal players gather to begin the NHL Return to Play Phase 2. The Penguins probably don’t mind. Also, the presumed roster size of the NHL return, which was 28 skaters and unlimited goalies is not official, so that number could grow in upcoming negotiations, and Georges Laraque has lauded NHL players for speaking out against racial injustice.

First, a little fun with PHN. We’re giving away subscriptions IF you can guess the six Pittsburgh Penguins who hit the ice on Tuesday (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

The Penguins QR opponent, the Montreal Canadiens aren’t flocking back to Montreal to open the practice facility. No, really. The Montreal Canadiens organization cited a “lack of demand” and will not open their facility this week, unlike the Penguins players who have publicly and privately voiced great enthusiasm. Have a look (TSN)

Boston captain Zdeno Chara joined Boston marchers this week to show support for the peaceful protests across the country (Boston Hockey Now)

And, stick tap to our brother in arms, Adrian Dater. He’s opened the vault on his comeback story. We didn’t know all of the details or troubles, but Adrian is letting readers into the emotional story. This gig isn’t easy and it chews up a lot of people, but we’re happy to ride into battle with “AD” (Colorado Hockey Now)

Former NHL and Pittsburgh Penguins enforcer Georges Laraque, who is black, lauded current NHL players for speaking out (Sportsnet)

The rosters for the NHL Return were presumed to be set at 28 skaters and unlimited goalies. However, reporter Pierre LeBrun reported that detail has yet to be finalized and could change in upcoming negotiations (TSN)

My absolute favorite statement from any NHL player came from Washington Capitals goalie Braden Holtby. It was thoughtful, stern, but also brought to light a “swept under the rug” historical fact. President Woodrow Wilson wasn’t just a little bit racist. The former Harvard President turned statesman was a devout and ugly racist, who openly touted demeaning policies and segregation. I was shocked to learn this in college as I began to study that time period. I was further surprised to see a Canadian athlete display such arcane U.S historical knowledge and use it so pointedly. (Holtby Twitter)

Wilson’s language made LBJ’s private words look like a Disney movie. If you’re a history buff or just have some time to leave the beaten path, do some reading. Wilson’s presidency was…interesting, and remains a basis for policy initiatives to this day.