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Dan’s Daily: NHL Return Heats Up, More on Matt Murray’s New Trainer



Pittsburgh Penguins trade rumors Pittsburgh Penguins Matt Murray

The Russian goalie tree may have a local branch. Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Matt Murray has a new trainer who does things differently, and it’s produced results for other NHL goalies. When will the NHL return to play? The discussions are heating up, finally. The TSN Insiders had the details. And what would a 24-team playoff format look like?

Now the hard work begins. From the TSN reports, it sounds like things are finally getting serious, which means competing ideas, money, and making enough people happy enough to move forward.

TSN covered the border issues, economics, and hub cities (TSN Insiders)

It does sound like the awful idea of the June Draft is almost toast. Almost.

In Elliotte Friedman’s latest 31 Thoughts, he detailed the 24-team playoff and why some players and executives are not fans. He also detailed the new trainer Matt Murray hired this season, who specializes in goalies. Connor Hellebuyck is a fan. (Sportsnet)

It’s interesting that neither Montreal or Chicago are really pushing to be in the playoffs, but under one scenario the Pittsburgh Penguins would play Montreal. That would be interesting with a rested Carey Price; a 12th seed stealing a third-place team’s season can’t be high on many lists.

As the NHL return talks gain traction, the disappointing news is an announcement is not close. It’s time for Gary Bettman to show real leadership (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

Pittsburgh Penguins winger Dominik Simon had shoulder surgery back on April 29. Surprise! He’ll be out at least six months. (PHN)

British Columbia province would like to host all of the NHL games. ALL of them. That’s pretty ambitious, but it would have some advantages (Boston Hockey Now)

All was capitalized for full Ron Swanson effect.

The Edmonton Oilers would like to make moves in the offseason, but it appears James Neal might be clogging things up (Edmonton Journal)

Mitch Marner openly wondered, “What if someone gets sick and dies?” That thought exists, for all of us. A Toronto expert weighed in — and you will find his answers reassuring (The Hockey News)

It is quite comforting to know the odds of a healthy, young person being severely affected are so low they’re almost zero.