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Dan’s Daily Links: Crosby Drops to 4, Penguins Get Network TV Audience



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There isn’t another Qualifying Round series which will have the star-power and history of the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Montreal Canadiens. That fact was reflected in the time schedule, but the Penguins will also get national network coverage, too. The NHL Network ranked the top 20 centers and top 20 LWs, both lists included Penguins, of course, but the final ranks … just, no.

First, the Penguins schedule. Game 1 of the Qualifying Round against Montreal will be on network TV, NBC. Here’s the schedule (NBC Sports Press)

The NHL Network ranked the top 20 centers, right now. Evgeni Malkin settled in at No. 8, which is tough to argue too much differently. His season was so dominant that I would have placed him ahead of Jack Eichel and Auston Matthews. Placing Malkin ahead of Patrice Bergeron would be an interesting debate worth having.

However, Crosby at No. 4?? (NHL Network Twitter)

How does one factor in three Stanley Cups, more than a point-per-game this season, and everything which Crosby does on the ice, in the locker room, and off the ice and put him behind Leon Draisaitl and Nathan MacKinnon? McDavid I’ll grant, but sheesh.

Montreal Canadiens center Max Domi will play participate in the NHL return. He was on the fence and waited to see if it was safe. Here’s why he returned (Sportsnet)

Montreal gave the Penguins trouble this season. Each team won one game in regulation and the Penguins won the middle game which went to overtime. Here’s what the Penguins have to guard against – How Montreal got to the Penguins (PHN+)

The consistent video and analysis are what separates Pittsburgh Hockey Now. I hope you’ll consider coming along for the ride. Much of our Hub City coverage will be behind the paywall because this isn’t cheap or easy.

Draisaitl, MacKinnon, and Panarin are the Hart finalists (TSN)

I’m iffy on Panarin. Is there an age cutoff when a player is no longer eligible for the Hart? Alex Ovechkin popped 48 goals in a shortened season, and his team was successful. Malkin ripped 74 points in 55 games.

Hockey Now

The Pittsburgh Penguins should be rooting for the Florida Panthers to take out the New York Islanders in the QR. Here’s what the Florida lineup will look like (Florida Hockey Now)

The Boston Bruins have dealt with self-inflicted adversity in Phase 3 training camp as David Pastrnak broke quarantine and possibly put others in quarantine (Boston can’t say), their starting goalie has a busted finger, and more fun. Tomorrow, Boston MIGHT be at full strength (Boston Hockey Now)

Colorado Hockey Now’s Adrian Dater is having a much better time in Canadian quarantine than I am… much better (Colorado Hockey Now)

The Top 5 San Jose Sharks UFA signings of All-Time (San Jose Hockey Now)

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