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Dave Molinari Joins Pittsburgh Hockey Now! Hall of Famer is Latest Big Addition



The Stanley Cup playoffs are about to begin and, coincidentally enough, so is the next chapter of my career.

I joined Pittsburgh Hockey Now, and the National Hockey Now network today. I could not be more excited to cover the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Round One series that will begin Tuesday night in New York.

I’m pleased to be working with Dan Kingerski, who will lead the PHN contingent to New York, and to have a professional reunion with Shelly Anderson, my longtime colleague on the hockey beat at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Perhaps some folks on our site are familiar with my Penguins coverage from, among other places, The Pittsburgh Press and the P-G. If so, I’m delighted that we’ll be able to continue — or, perhaps, renew — our connection here.

For those who haven’t seen my work, I hope that you will find my writing to be entertaining and informative, because without readers, the information industry serves no purpose.

In any case, I look forward to settling into my new/old surroundings at the most exciting time of the season and hope that you will find our relationship to be rewarding.

For anyone who is not yet subscribing to Pittsburgh Hockey Now — and really, guys, what have you been waiting for? — here’s a coupon to get you started:

Get $10 off the PHN+ subscription. Use coupon code: DAVE

Very soon, all of the Hockey Now sites will be linked with one subscription, so not only will you get our coverage but in-depth coverage from great writers like my good friend Kevin Allen in Detroit, and 14 more. I’m told the price will go up later, so join now.