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Erik Karlsson Buys Stake of English Soccer Team



Pittsburgh Penguins game, Erik Karlsson. Frustration, Anger. Loss to Winnipeg Jets

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Erik Karlsson wants to learn the ownership side of professional sports, and he’s starting on the ground floor of the football world. According to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Karlsson has teamed up with a deep-pocket billionaire to buy a piece of third-tier English football team.

Karlsson and Karl-Johan Persson joined the Nordic Football Group to purchase the Burton Football Club, nicknamed the Brewers. Burton plays in the third tier of English soccer, but Persson’s opening quotes might raise an eyebrow:

“I hope to see them play (my) former favorite team, Arsenal.”

The Arsenal club is one of the most powerful English Premier League soccer teams, with a payroll of $170,000,000. That might be a bit out of reach for Burton, which boasts a $4.5 million annual payroll.

“It will be a lot of fun. I have a good grasp of sports in general, but I’m looking forward to learning about how it works in the football world and on the ownership side,” Karlsson told the Swedish paper. “There is a lot of excitement to work within a club like this, not just in terms of men’s football.”

Burton F.C. plays in Burton-Upon-Trent, East Staffordshire. The central England town is known for brewing, hence the club’s nickname. The team won the league championship in 2014, earning a promotion to the Championship League (second tier), but was again relegated to the third tier in 2018.

This season, they finished 20th of 24 teams.

You might not know Persson, but you’ve probably seen his work. He owns the H&M clothing stores, including several in the Pittsburgh area.

Neither Karlsson nor Persson will take a management position with the small club.

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7 days ago

That’s great, something else to take away focus

6 days ago

With the money the San Jose Sharks are paying him

6 days ago

I love the Brewers logo.