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Dan’s Daily Links: More on Evgeni Malkin Trade Rumors, NHL Hot Stove



Pittsburgh Penguins Evgeni Malkin celebrates with Kris Letang and Sidney Crosby

Well, just when the smoke had dissipated, another report of Pittsburgh Penguins–Evgeni Malkin trade talk has surfaced. The burning coals of the NHL hot stove are beginning to warm, so get ready for the thrill ride of the next few weeks which can be more intense and involve more big names than the NHL trade deadline. Also, sources confirmed to Boston Hockey Now that Zdeno Chara suffered a broken jaw, and there are Patrick Laine and Erik Karlsson rumors, too.

Dans Les Coulisses website isn’t a household name in the US market. They were the first to be on the Galchenyuk/Domi trade, they were correct and in the correct time frame about the Penguins Olli Maatta rumors, and now we have a second report of the Penguins and Florida Panthers having a chat about Evgeni Malkin. It seems Jonathan Huberdeau’s name is indeed involved (DansLesCoulisses.com)

It still seems unlikely the Penguins will trade Evgeni Malkin. Even as we made the first report, I say it seems unlikely, but we do not know the nature of the discussions between the Penguins brass and Malkin at the Worlds. By the way, stick tap to the DLC boys for referencing our report from May 7.

The Fourth Period, editor Dave Pagnotta reported IF negotiations break down in Winnipeg, Patrick Laine would explore offer sheet options (The Fourth Period)

More players are going to publicly begin making this threat. It’s not exactly breaking news but it is how the system is SUPPOSED to work. Laine threatening to look at offer sheets, as has Mitch Marner, is a signal from the players and agents that they’re going to push the league towards using this option. Whether or not GMs agree is another matter.

RedBeard's Pittsburgh

A source confirmed to Boston Hockey Now, Zdeno Chara has a broken jaw–BUT–has not been ruled out. Here’s more (Boston Hockey Now)

Where will Erik Karlsson wind up? It sounds like his wife is homesick–but Ottawa is undergoing a full rebuild. So, Montreal? (Sportsnet)

Connor McDavid is still limping around with a knee brace after his injury against the Philadelphia Flyers on April 6. Uh oh (TSN)

Believe it or not–and based on the comments, there are some stubborn folks clinging to the dogma–the Penguins on-ice problem down the stretch was not the defense. It was offense–take a look at the surprising analysis (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

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  1. Frank

    June 5, 2019 at 8:49 am

    It is very hard to imagine how Phil Kessel is in a Pittsburgh jersey this coming September. I understand that and all that goes with it. They most likely will not get comparable talent back. The offense will suffer. A group of fans will be unhappy with the loss of a favorite. But considering how wide open this discussion has been and how willing the Penguins are to throw gas on burning rumors . . . this Kessel run in Pittsburgh is over.

    All that said barring and absolutely “offer that they cannot refuse” what team would move Kessel . . . and Malkin and Letang and maybe a few others in one off season? This would be a goal loss of about 80 and a point loss of 200. It would gut the power play. And would in all probability create considerably less space for Crosby to move around the ice. Plus no matter how you cut it . . . this would be a re-build with core players like this moving on and new faces replacing them. There is an undertone that the team lacks cohesiveness because GMJR just moves to many people in and out of the line up. Maybe. But the consequences of multiple moves of this size are enormous in that they impact not only the on ice performance, but fan reaction and tickets sold. If moves like this are made they had BETTER be right. If they are not, you can expect that consecutive sell out run to end in a big way. The domino effect of that would be very dramatic.

  2. Jaime

    June 6, 2019 at 1:18 am

    Malkin to Miami has already been scrapped and as far as anyone can tell is founded on the fact that Malkin and his wife love Miami and people think he’d pull a Kovalchuk just to live in his vacation spot. It’s not an inconsiderable temptation since his wife spends more time in Miami than Pittsburgh and she brings their son with her. I guess it’s possible she could draw him away if he felt there were no more Cups to be had with the Penguins. But on the other hand Malkin himself has said he views ending his career outside of Pittsburgh as a step down and has no current intention of doing so. His knee continues to be a nagging problem that will probably see him retiring well before Crosby so he’s probably not looking beyond his current contract with Pittsburgh. Kovalchuk is the type who is happy to be a healthy scratch on a lumbering team just to keep the lifestyle he currently has. New Jersey knows too well that he puts money and location ahead of pretty much everything. The Panthers are marginally better than the Kings in some ways but it still feels like a bizarre downgrade for a player like Malkin whose “bad” seasons are still tallying up with much younger talent, and he’s still Cup hungry.

    The other damning evidence against trade discussion is of course Crosby and Lemieux having shut down any notion that the Penguins organization are interested in trading Malkin. So this has to be Rutherford continuing to put rumour bait out to try and continue the intimidation tactics he tried with the Hagelin trade. Then again I seriously doubt Pittsburgh will wait out Rutherford’s habit of ever worsening tinkering as long as Carolina did. The Penguins definitely need to make changes but they need someone young than Rutherford to do it. He’s managing as if it’s still the 80s or 90s and keeps sapping speed and cohesion from this team – the two biggest factors that won them back to back Cups.

    Speaking of the tactic behind the Hagelin trade I’m more interested in someone investigating the “why” of Rutherford’s office keeping the Malkin rumours alive. The 2018/19 atmosphere in the locker room reported by former Penguins only got worse after the trade sagas began. Rutherford behaved in much the same way when he was feeling the heat from an increasingly dissatisfied Carolina as he is now. He has a tendency to double down on decisions and habits that don’t work out well or prove unpopular. He’s got a way of making certain people root for him even when his mistakes are plain to see, especially when he turns the blame on the team. But if the Hagelin trade was this unpopular in the locker room then I can’t imagine things will feel too cozy for him after a summer of teasing Malkin trades. It’s also interesting how the tide of fan opinion finally changed direction against Rutherford when the full effect of a patchwork roster and an overworked Crosby almost missed the playoffs entirely and didn’t make much of an appearance when they did. That lack of cohesion was down to Rutherford’s trades and the lumbering lack of support for the offense was down to Rutherford’s investment in big players with shoddy wheels. The Florida trade was the saving grace to cover up a multitude of sins but is it at all certain that Bjugstad and McCann will have turned out a better result for the Penguins than if Hagelin had stayed and the team simply been given more than a few weeks to reestablish their identity?

    • Dan Kingerski

      June 6, 2019 at 6:48 am

      Jaime, I should point out the idea has not been scrapped, but more importantly, the rumors are not speculation. PHN reported discussions, not an opinion where Malkin might want to go. DLC did the same–they reported discussion between the teams. That’s an important distinction.

  3. Jay95

    June 6, 2019 at 1:49 am

    Malkin for Huberdeau is EXTREMELY interesting. JH is obviously not Geno, but he’s 7 years younger and locked up through 2023 at a cap hit of 5.9 million. He had a 92 point season last year, but that is a high. However, playing behind Sid, and on that PP, he could be a ppg player for years to come. And, that’s over 3 million saved in cap space. If I’m the Pens I probably ask for another piece….but, man, Huberdeau may actually be more productive than Geno moving forward.

    High risk/high reward. Extremely tempting.

  4. Troy

    June 8, 2019 at 9:57 am

    I loved what Malkin has done for the Penguins, however I see such poor tendencies (+- and lazy penalties doesn’t lie), that show how he’s better off being traded. I agree Huberdeau and the cap savings would be enough to make that trade. Kessel absolutely must go- honestly, I’d get rid of him just for the cap flexibility and to give the “next” Generation an opportunity to show what they could do with more ppg time:(Simon,McCann,Bjugstad,ZAR,Rust,Blueger,)… that should be enough with Crosby, Huberdeau, Hornqvist,Guentzel,

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