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Dan on TV: Penguins Urgency? Can Lawyers Find Loophole vs. Pirates?



Pittsburgh Penguins talk, Final Word, Dan Kingerski

If you didn’t stay up late to watch Pittsburgh Hockey Now’s Dan Kingerski on WPXI’s Final Word, you missed a tuxedo jacket, some big laughs, a good bit of yelling, some Pittsburgh Penguins talk, and a surprise right hook on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Seriously, check out Paul Zeise’s tuxedo coat. There was a story behind it, but he’ll have to tell it.

Penguins Urgency?

Last week, Dave Molinari and Kingerski disagreed about the Penguins’ offseason pace. With the bright lights of the TV studio, Dan explained why the Penguins should go move expediently with ambitious determination.

We won’t post the whole show, but here’s the second segment with the Penguins talk, with got surprisingly deep, as well as discussing MLB’s recent statistical inclusion of Negro League statistics and the context behind Kingerski comparing Caitlyn Clark to Sidney Crosby.

The Final Word

So, you might think Kingerski would analyze or critique the Penguins, president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas, or update the contract status of Sidney Crosby.

Nope. From left field, Kingerski raised the panelists’ eyebrows when he called for lawyers to unite and do something good. In this case, their good deed would be rescuing PNC Park and the Pittsburgh Pirates‘ lease from the current ownership.

We’re first up, but Zeise had a hockey take for his final word. It was an interesting show!