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Gajtka on TV! Talking Pre-Playoff Concerns on WPXI's 'The Final Word'
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Gajtka on TV! Talking Pre-Playoff Concerns on WPXI’s ‘The Final Word’



Matt Gajtka took to the local television airwaves on Sunday night to participate in WPXI’s ‘The Final Word’ take-slinging program.

The first segment was all Penguins talk, with Matt taking on Mark Madden and John Steigerwald on whether the arrival of the playoffs will help the Penguins get more cohesive, and whether team defense or goaltending is more concerning.

Steelers, Pirates and Pitt dominated the second segment, but Matt delivered his Final Word on the Penguins’ overtime dominance in the third and final segment.

Thanks again to anchor Chase Williams and the folks at Channel 11 for having Pittsburgh Hockey Now on the show! Watch all segments below:

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