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Dan’s Daily: Holy Penguins, Losing Capitals, Most Impactful Trades



Pittsburgh Penguins, Evgeni Malkin and Rickard Rakell celebrate. Also, NHL trade talk and Capitals lose

The Pittsburgh Penguins were admittedly battling the schedule as their jam-packed calendar had far too many games in far too few days. Yet the road-weary Penguins found a spark, shocking the New Jersey Devils with a five-goal third period, re-inserting themselves into the Eastern Conference playoff race. The Washington Capitals were put in their place by the Buffalo Sabres, who also had a third-period outburst. Sportsnet looked at the most impactful deals at the NHL trade deadline, and the Philadelphia Flyers are getting their Russian goalies all at once.

That was certainly a shocker from the Penguins. The same team that was absent from games it could have won was suddenly Rocky, rising off the mat in the last round, throwing heavy-duty punches.

I think we were all impressed. And I genuinely feel like you’re in an optimistic mood for the first time all season. Also — the Penguins might get some pretty good news today.


Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: It’s happening. These scenarios are from before the Penguins upended the Eastern Conference by upsetting the Devils. Here are the Penguins playoff scenarios.

It was a down-and-out game, and understandably so. Three games. Four days. The Penguins looked like the tank was empty but found a spark. And another for a 6-3 win. The Penguins recap.

The Penguins report card. It was a “gutsy” win, and oh boy, Alex Nedeljkovic was good. Sidney Crosby did Crosby things. The full analysis, a playoff update, and a bit of amazement in the Penguins analysis.

The voices were weak, not because they were forlorn or exasperated, but because they were spent. The team left it all on the ice in the big win, and Dave Molinari has the raw video from inside the Penguins locker room.

New Jersey Hockey Now: Get the flip side. That loss stung the New Jersey Devils.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

Philly Hockey Now: The Penguins are hot on Philadelphia’s heels. However, the orange and black got both of their Russian goalies this week, assigning one to the AHL. Here’s what it means for the Philadelphia Flyers.

More from Philly — Our Jon Bailey sticks his neck out and sticks up for the Flyers’ players, calling the over-the-top criticism from John Tortorella unfounded.

Buffalo Hockey Now: I’m sure you’re sad for the Washington Capitals. Check this out — they scored first but were then bombarded by the Buffalo Sabres.

Sportsnet: The folks up north looked at the deals at the NHL trade deadline. Which have been the most impactful?

Also, what makes people think Atlanta could succeed if given a franchise for the third time?

Detroit Hockey Now: From the other end of the Penguins’ wild-card battle and Kevin Allen. Here’s how the playoff scenarios look from the Detroit Red Wings angle.