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Live Blog: Penguins Development Camp Day 2



Pittsburgh Penguins Development Camp

Day 2 of the Pittsburgh Penguins Development Camp features a few Penguins notable prospects. In the first session, first-round pick Samuel Poulin, 2018 second-round pick Filip Hallander and 2018 third-rounder Clayton Phillips highlighted the session.

12:36 p.m.

Just spoke with Jordy Bellerive and Calen Addison following session two.

Addison just looks different from last season. Perhaps I’ll be able to do still photos from draft day to today. He’s even got a little bit of a mustache going. If he were older, I may poke some fun, but who among us at 19-years-old didn’t decide we looked cool with facial hair that we’ll later laugh at?

Bellerive admitted he wasn’t 100% until last month. Cool

That does it for the live blog. Read below for the daily activities. Stories on Hallander, Bellerive and Addison forthcoming.

11:48 a.m.:

Second verse same as the first. The same awkward center ice drills in which the boys skate on one leg.

Quick observations:

Jordy Bellerive looks like he’s ready for the next steps. Last summer was a tragedy for the entire Lethbridge family. That campfire accident clearly hindered Bellerive. He looks to be back at full speed.

Legare leaps off the ice. He stands bigger and taller than most. His skating appears to be solid. He looks like a professional out with the boys. Penguins fans may want to start watching him now.

Spent a couple of minutes watching Calen Addison. He’s definitely a little larger than last summer, however, his shot is not yet professional grade. His slap shots fluttered and his wristers didn’t have much heat.

11:01 a.m.: We just spoke with Clayton Phillips. Will have a story coming. Sometimes it is fun talking to kids who have not undergone significant media training. We also spoke with Filip Hallander. That was interesting–gut feeling from his wording, he wants to get going in North America but hasn’t been given the green light, yet. Again, that’s just a gut feeling.

Fellow 2018 second-rounder Calen Addison ex of the Lethbridge Hurricanes, is on the ice with Nathan Legare prior to the full second morning session.

Watching Legare’s physical skills, he may be the Penguins breakout of the summer. He has a heavy wrist shot and competitive nature. As he missed a one-timer from Addison, he swung his stick to the boards and shook his head…and the practice hasn’t even begun.

He also appears significantly larger than first-round pick Samuel Poulin. Perhaps the scouts were right to beg Rutherford to make a deal to get him.

Players are filtering onto the ice. Session two starts soon.

10:28 a.m.:

Hallander struggled last season after suffering a late-season knee injury in the previous year. In fact, the injury perhaps allowed his stock to fall far enough to be available for the Penguins. HIs game projects as a gritty forward with some offensive upside but he’ll have to make the move to North America before we know more.

Austin Lemieux, of the Sewickley Lemieux’s and Arizona State, is also in the first morning session. He appears worlds better than he has in previous camps.


It’s a big summer for Phillips, a defenseman who is just 19 years old. He did not impress in camp last season. Actually, it was the opposite. After two seasons at the University of Minnesota, he will be transferring, too. It will be Philip’s fourth team as he also played for the Fargo Force and Muskegon Lumberjacks of the USHL and U of Minnesota.


I’m not sure what this is about


The Penguins also have simultaneous battle drills in the far corner. Slide the net over, one-on-one, get after it:

Initial Impressions:

My initial impressions–in the very, VERY, limited drills and without the full scope of a hockey game, are that Hallander looks a step slow and his first step burst needs significant work. It could be that he’s not going all out in the drill, either. You can see him above, No. 11.

Phillips also appears to need more physical maturation. His shot isn’t up to par, yet. His wrister doesn’t have the professional snap.