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All Star Wrap: Jarry, Letang Discuss the Experience, Green Day F-Bombs



Pittsburgh Penguins NHL All Star Game Tristan Jarry

Well, that didn’t last long. Pittsburgh Penguins Tristan Jarry and Kris Letang were one-and-done in the NHL All-Star Game three-on-three tournament on Saturday night at the Enterprise Center. The Metro Team had a late lead but the Atlantic Division team led by Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak scored five unanswered goals in a few minute span to beat the Metro Team 9-5.

Jarry was in the net for the onslaught. He allowed a respectable three goals on 11 shots in just under 10 minutes played. Fellow Metro Division goalie Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals allowed four goals on nine shots.

But it’s the NHL All-Star Game. Stats don’t matter, though the grand prize wasn’t too bad. The Pacific Division team won the $1 million prize as the winner of the tournament.

Of all of the stars, Jarry was most excited to meet Holtby, his rival and fellow British Columbia native.

“Just being a western Canadian kid, (Holtby) being from the same region, so it was cool to meet him,” Jarry said. “I’ve watched him play for a long time so it was cool to play with him.”

It is with some irony that Holtby, 30, is dealing with a contract year and a challenge from the starter-of-the-future in Washington. Jarry is pushing established Penguins goalie Matt Murray as Ilya Samsonov is pushing Holtby.

“(Holtby) was very open. I asked a lot of questions about the weekend, what we would be doing,” Jarry said. “He’s been through it many times, so he helped me a lot.”

Jarry also made an enemy. Embattled Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty, who was last week accused of punching a 13-year-old fan in a bit gone wrong, was heckling Jarry during the game.

Everything about that sentence is wrong but fits, doesn’t it?

“I didn’t see it, but I try not to make eye contact,” Jarry laughed about the large orange mascot with nightmare-inducing eyes (and apparently left hook).

Jarry also said he had a couple of sticks signed by the other squads.

“Those are keepsakes I’ll keep forever to know that I played against those guys,” he said.

Kris and Alex Letang

Kris Letang had one shot, no goals and was often playing forward, maybe. He admitted not even he knew what position they were playing, “but it’s whatever.”

Letang’s eight-year-old son Alex stole the weekend, however. Alex was allowed to play hookey and accompany his dad on a father-son weekend. He also became the Letang family spokesman for press interviews. Little Letang had to concede that he and his father are equal skaters.

Green Day

Green Day was the NHL appointed entertainment, literally and figuratively. Band lead singer, Billy Joe Armstrong was in top form. The band belted several of their hits, and Armstrong let rip a trio of F-bombs to go with it.

Social media didn’t seem to mind too much. In fact, the response was bemusement and shrugs.

For those who were offended or the kiddies who learned a new word, we won’t re-post it here. If you’d like to see a montage or the performance (they were on their game), it’s all over the internet. The NBC censors made the kick saves, so no one was harmed. The top reply to the Blues tweet will make you laugh, especially if you enjoy Airplane…

I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.