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Dan’s Daily: Krug Blocking Flyers Trade, Penguins Could Get Steal at 14



NHL trade talk surrounding Flyers held up by Torey Krug, Pittsburgh Penguins draft potential

The carousel is spinning. The horses are going up and down as the organ music plays. However, there is no cotton candy as the NHL trade market became chaotic Sunday when a potential Philadelphia Flyers blockbuster with the St. Louis Blues was halted by Blues defenseman Torey Krug, who is exercising his no-trade clause. Elsewhere in the Daily, the Vegas Golden Knights appear ready to extend Adin Hill on a short-term, higher salary deal. Erik Karlsson said there are a lot of teams that want to acquire him, and if the National Hockey Now mock draft comes through, the Pittsburgh Penguins could get a projected star player at No. 14.

There will be 11 National Hockey Now folks down in Nashville today. 11?! Pittsburgh, you started it all. I’m eternally grateful.

And I will address a bit of criticism from the Facebook crowd about the Daily. Now, most of you know what a Daily Links column is. You click on the underlined link to read the full article. The principle behind doing it this way is to give full and proper credit to the journalists who wrote the story; give them the clicks and attention they deserve rather than stealing it like a billion blogs that aggregate (rewrite) the story and post with only a small credit or no credit. That’s what is killing the professional media world.

Unfortunately, some in the Facebook crowd expect to get all of the information in Dan’s Daily, like the aggregated content. Nope. Gotta click to read…


Pittsburgh Penguins:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Major moves and decisions are looming. Get the full weekly Penguins wrap-up here.

And the NHN mock draft conducted with NHN writers and guest experts was interesting. I think the Penguins could get a future star player if Wednesday night unfolds like our mock draft. Check it out — The potential Penguins first-round draft pick.

Steelers Now:

Congrats — Kenny Pickett got married.

Oddsmakers do NOT like the Steelers. They’re picked to finish last and miss the playoffs. Check out the crazy Steelers odds.

And I like this story. George Kittle is fired up to face T.J. Watt in Steelers training camp.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

Johan Oviedo was throwing wiffle balls Sunday, BUT…the Buccos wasted a gem and lost 2-0. Get the quickie Pirates recap.

Anthony Solemento was added to the 1op 100 prospects list. Get the latest Pirates prospects update.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now:

Philly Hockey Now: Great work by Chuck Bausman. Our man did some digging and learned Tory Krug is holding up the blockbuster, so the Flyers are trying to flip Krug to a team he’ll accept. NHL trade drama on Broad Street in the Flyers trade talks.

Boston Hockey Now: Oh boy. Is David Pastrnak trying to bring back Torey Krug to the Boston Bruins?

Vegas Hockey Now: The legend of Adin Hill continues to grow (Our headline from the playoffs went viral and started a “thing”). Hill is close to signing a high-salary, short-term show-me deal with the Vegas Golden Knights.

San Jose Hockey Now: The NHL trade rumors surrounding Erik Karlsson have been persistent but never hot. Ahead of his Norris Trophy victory, he says there are a lot of teams that want to do the deal. He’s open-minded about the San Jose Sharks trade talks.

Washington Hockey Now: The US program will have at least a trio of top draft picks Wednesday. Ryan Leonard could bring a playoff mindset to the Washington Capitals.

Detroit Hockey Now: Jakub Vrana opened up about his tribulations from the trade to substance abuse issues. Detroit Red Wings news.

Colorado Hockey Now: Saturday, the Avalanche traded for Ryan Johansen, but they haven’t closed the door on J.T. Compher.