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Dan’s Daily: Carolina Trying to Trade Guentzel; Kyle Dubas Reveals Plan



Pittsburgh Penguins trade targets, Carolina puts Jake Guentzel on the NHL trade block

The Carolina Hurricanes have waved the white flag regarding signing former Pittsburgh Penguins winger Jake Guentzel and have put his rights on the NHL trade block, hoping to recoup something. As the free agent frenzy begins to take shape, Florida Panthers’ goalie Sergei Bobrovsky flexed in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, and it became an Andre the Giant squash match as the Edmonton Oilers tried and tried to score only to hang their heads in disappointment. Florida won and sent a clear message. The NHL raised the salary cap by more than expected, the New York Rangers might shake up their roster, and Penguins boss Kyle Dubas laid out the Penguins’ trade hopes and rebuilding strategy.

Each year, our neighborhood does a yard sale, though my table usually stands out. The amount of Pittsburgh sports memorabilia and Penguins trinkets make my table unique. Still, it certainly isn’t what the looky-loos who come to rummage through my little historic neighborhood’s goodies are looking for. I finally sold the guitar that I bought about eight years ago with the full intention of learning to play, but never did. Surprisingly, there was no interest in the Jack Lambert picture nor the Kris Letang bobbleheads, but the Sidney Crosby bobble went very quickly.

After a long morning of wandering a few steps behind their wives or girlfriends, my table—the last on the street—was like an oasis with a shining light for guys. Voices sang from the heavens. It made me laugh to see their heads snap toward my table and hear, “Aww, look at that.” Sometimes, the response was, “You have enough of that junk at home,” which made this single guy chuckle even more. However, people are usually surprised to learn that I have zero sports memorabilia displayed in my home. None. Not a picture or jersey and the only sports bobblehead is for the podcast studio.

But I do have an Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead, Yoda, Mean Gene, and Rowdy Roddy Piper dolls on my mantle. Yeah, I’m not normal.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Penguins president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas said the Penguins are urgently trying to acquire as many draft picks as they can while Sidney Crosby is still playing. It was a bit of a departure for Dubas, and it was the first time I could recall a Penguins GM or executive speaking at the NHL combine. Dubas answered what we’ve all been wondering about the Penguins’ off-season plans.

There are plenty of big-name free agents about to hit the market on July 1, and they will garner plenty of interest from teams with cash to spend and needs in their lineup. But there are three the Penguins should avoid, including one or two I know you’re watching. The Penguins free agency anti-targets.

Players and the league got a little more good news Saturday afternoon. The league announced the new salary cap, which was higher than projected. Here’s the new NHL salary cap.

NHL Trade Talk, News, & National Hockey Now

32 Thoughts: It seemed like the marriage was going to be consummated, but Jake Guentzel is on the trade block after he refused or the Carolina Hurricanes failed to sign him. Elliotte Friedman also reports the Vancouver Canucks have given Elias Lindholm a low offer. The scuttlebutt and NHL trade chatter.

Florida Hockey Now: Bobrovsky the save. Bobrovsky robs him. Edmonton threw the kitchen sink at Florida, only to realize they were not going to beat Sergei Bobrovsky, who was spectacular in Game 1. By the third period, Connor McDavid could only look at the scoreboard, hoping to see something different. In Game 1, it was all Bob for the Florida Panthers.

McDavid said the hockey gods got their revenge for Edmonton beating the Dallas Stars in Game 6 despite just 10 shots on goal.

TSN Video: This is lofty talk. Chris Johnston talked about McDavid’s and Leon Draisaitl’s legacies, but if Bobrovsky wins this series, he believes the goalie will become a Hall of Famer.

Whether Bobrovsky steals games or the Panthers pulverize Edmonton, which will happen later in this series, Florida is just the better team.

Boston Hockey Now: Goalie talk is still dominating NHL trade chatter, and in the figurative poker game, the Boston Bruins might have the best cards at the table. If Boston deals Linus Ullmark, it could have historic implications for the NHL and the Bruins organization.

San Jose: Lastly, our Sheng Peng spent some time at the NHL Draft combine in Buffalo and came away with a Macklin Celebrini exclusive. Not surprisingly, Celebrini won’t be cheering for the Vancouver Canucks anymore. Here’s more on the presumptive first-overall pick and the great hope for the San Jose Sharks.

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6 days ago

Pens should’ve tried to rebuild after 2020. Edmonton will come back Bob can’t keep it up.

5 days ago

Is Jake going to try to come back to Sid, or does he just want the $$ and ends up a Yeti?

5 days ago
Reply to  BrianX

If he comes back.dump Smith for a bag of pucks. Will need the 5 mil

5 days ago

If Jake went to Utah, and if there were a restaurant that serves rattlesnake, they could have “Jake’s Snakes”.

Dan Zbylski
Dan Zbylski
4 days ago

Hey Dan K from Dan Z. in Spokane, WA.
My Grandson;s favorite player is Sidney Crosby as well as mine. My grandson & son were in Pittsburgh to see the Pens last season. If you have Pens stuff to get rid of for a few dolllars my grandson would be very excited. P. S. I read your column every day on my computer at my work. All the best to you and keep up the good work. Veru interesting articles on the PENS!!!!!! Dan Z. in Spokane, WA.