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Dan’s Daily: Palmieri Trade Happening; A Playoff Bubble?



2020-21 NHL Season Hub Cities

Too many teams want to move players, and too few teams have any cap space to acquire players. Welcome to the 2021 NHL trade deadline logjam. That isn’t stopping the Philadelphia Flyers from seeking a “statement trade” to shakeup their fledgling roster. The NHL is discussing a playoff bubble.  Also in the Daily, would Tony DeAngelo fit with the Florida Panthers, the Pittsburgh Penguins are almost assured of making the playoffs (and have the best odds to advance), and our boys in Boston provided the weekend outrage.

A playoff bubble?

I spent nearly four weeks cloistered in Toronto last August. That was absolutely brutal. Some teams and players clearly did not have their best for the 2020 NHL Return to Play. (Ahem, Pittsburgh Penguins).

CBC: Why might a bubble be necessary? The Vancouver Canucks are dealing with the Brazilian P1 variant, and nearly the entire roster has tested positive. It’s sending chills through the North Division. 

This is beginning to seem like a Canadian issue as more and more vaccines are available in the U.S. We may soon see players scratched after a reaction to a second shot; the Dallas Stars admitted many of their players have already received the poke.

Sportsnet: The full story on the possibility of a playoff bubble.

Pittsburgh Penguins & NHL Trade Talk

On Sunday, the Penguins assigned Anthony Angello and Frederick Gaudreau to the taxi squad. PHN didn’t do a story because we’re pretty sure it’s a paper move to save two days of salary. Players are shuffling nearly every off day. If they’re not at practice today, then we’ll discuss.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Philadelphia Flyers are down to a 10% chance to make the NHL playoffs. The Penguins have surged to a 97% chance. And, the Penguins have the best chance to advance past the East Division. 

PHN+: The “Off the Record” has been on fire. An NHL team exec admitted the Philadelphia Flyers are hunting for a big statement either at the NHL trade deadline or this summer. And a reliable source put Johnny Gaudreau on the trade block, too. Check it out if you want to know the inside hockey chatter from players, scouts, execs, and NHL GMs about the NHL trade deadline. Kyle Palmieri was scratched on Sunday as a trade is imminent. 

NY Post: To paraphrase Larry Brooks, you’re telling me Tony DeAngelo doesn’t fit with Florida? 

TSN:  Tampa Bay has zero dollars. They can’t even pop tags, and they’re not alone. The flat cap and unique season are jamming up the NHL trade works.

Sportsnet: What is it like to be traded? It’s crazy, a whirlwind, and that’s why many rentals don’t work out. 

Many moons ago, I was having drinks and pizza at 2 a.m. with a former player in a city that he was traded to. He absolutely HATED the town. He told me about spending weeks alone, away from his family in his short-term apartment. Two minutes later, a group of people asked for his autograph, and he told them how much he loved the city and wished he could have stayed longer.

Such is hockey life. It’s not always glamorous or fun.

National Hockey Now:

Boston: I hope you’re sitting down. Boston can be a wild place with some homer-rific opinions (See also, Edwards, Jack). On Sunday, Joe Haggerty of BHN awarded Sidney Crosby an Emmy for diving after Patrice Bergeron butt-ended him late on Saturday. 

I don’t censor the folks on our network. As long as they believe it, I let our writers freely express themselves, but I did a double-take on that one. There was even blood.

Philly: We’ll see if it sticks. Carter Hart returned to the Philadelphia Flyers with a smile and confidence after a week of intensive practice. 

Vegas: Now is the time for Cody Glass to center the Vegas top line

San Jose: Martin Jones is on a tear. 

Colorado: Here’s why newbie Colorado Avalanche prospect and former U of Minnesota star Sampo Ranta surprised a few and turned pro. 

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Bill Maloni
Bill Maloni
1 year ago

I’d love to acquire Palmieri!

1 year ago

After years of waiting for the GM to pull off a series of major and minor deals at the deadline I am thinking for the most part fans in Pittsburgh are going to be very disappointed with anything remotely similar happening with Hextall at the wheel. That is not a criticism, but he has almost no history or this and the simple truth is that he can do almost nothing that will make much difference anyway. I am sure he is trying to do something, but most likely it will be “some guy” named “Joe.” And “Joe” will be a… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank


Hatrick Pornqvist
Hatrick Pornqvist
1 year ago

I’m not sure I am with you on the butt end thing Dan. I think it was clearly the right call on the play but Sid threw both arms up pretty darned dramatically. Given the circumstances in the game at that moment, with us having just made it way more interesting but still on the PK with about a minute to go, I think Sid might have made it a little more dramatic than if it happened in the 2nd period with a 2-1 lead. I was honestly surprised he didn’t get the embellishment call on that one. Jack Edwards… Read more »