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Dan’s Daily: Eying Gibson on Trade Market, Unreported Penguins Nuggets



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In the Daily today, we have some previously unreported Pittsburgh Penguins nuggets from the previous front office regime. The Stanley Cup playoffs are so much fun as the LA Kings rallied again to beat the Edmonton Oilers, even as Canadians are upset with officiating. The shorthanded Boston Bruins put the Florida Panthers in their place, the New York Islanders made history in their win, and other teams beyond the Penguins might take a run at John Gibson on the NHL trade block.

Our colleagues in Montreal chose to spike the ball. They analyzed the Jeff Petry – Mike Matheson trade. The Montreal Canadiens and fans are pretty happy with the zippy defenseman.

Also, keep in perspective the NHL trade rumors with Gibson have always been fan driven, but remember, there are other teams in the league, and Anaheim isn’t going to give him up for a “fair” price, nor do they want to give him up at all. If they trade him, do you think a team that is a few years away from being competitive wants a 30-year-old player? Or a 35-year-old? (Hint: no!)

Pittsburgh Penguins / Steelers, Pirates

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: I sprinkled in some previously unreported little nuggets and context on the Penguins’ recently departed front office and tried to put the transition in context. It’s not easy. The past and future, there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Penguins’ transition.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

The first five-game winning streak in three seasons! The battling Buccos beat the Cincy Reds. Raise the Jolly Roger. The Pittsburgh Pirates are hot.

Fourth-overall pick Termarr Johnson drove in a couple in his first game. Pirates Prospect Watch.

PBN+: It’s pretty remarkable what the Pirates pitchers are doing.

Steelers Now:

Here’s everything you need this week: The complete Steelers draft board.

NHL Trade Talk, Playoffs, & National Hockey Now:

Ottawa Sun: The Penguins aren’t the only team that could use John Gibson, and the Penguins fans aren’t the only ones who want John Gibson. The Ottawa Senators parted with goalie Cam Talbot and are on the upswing. Bruce Garrioch stirs the NHL trade rumors by targeting Gibson for Ottawa.

Garrioch acknowledges something I’ve been trying to tell you — the goalie market is paper thin. THIN! That will have cascading consequences.

Montreal Hockey Now: Jeff Petry and Ryan Poehling for Mike Matheson. Who won the trade? Our Montreal folks grade the Canadiens trade.

NHL playoffs…

NYI Hockey Now: It was 1-1 late in the third, then BOOM. The New York Islanders exploded for four goals in 2:17 and won Game 3.

LA Hockey Now: Connor McDavid, who? The star center had a pair of goals, but the LA team rallied AGAIN for an OT win. The LA Kings have a command of the series.

Edmonton gets the lead, LA fights back, and LA wins. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. Are you seeing why I shocked the 11 on the Ice crew by picking LA to win the West? (I don’t really think they will, but they were by far the best value in the betting lines).

Boston Hockey Now: David Krejci was a late scratch, but the Bruins controlled Florida for a solid Game 3 win. The Boston Bruins are in control.

Florida Hockey Now: It was a hell of a run, but Alex Lyon has cooled off. Who will be the Florida Panthers goalie in Game 4?

Not that the Pittsburgh Penguins deserved the Stanley Cup playoffs, but Alex Lyon’s stretch run was ridiculous.