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Dan’s Daily: Maple Leafs Trade for O’Reilly, Penguins Waste Great Chance



NHL trade block, Ryan O'Reilly, Pittsburgh Penguins trade

The first big trade of the NHL trade season finally went down. The Toronto Maple Leafs spent a good chunk of their next two drafts, but they got Ryan O’Reilly and Noel Accairi. Allan Walsh ripped the Calgary Flames and indirectly at coach Darryl Sutter. Connor McDavid hit the 100-point mark (for the season, not a game), the Rangers won their seventh in a row. Jack Hughes is expected back in the lineup today when the Devils visit the Pittsburgh Penguins, and those Penguins couldn’t put the stake through the Islanders’ heart.

The Toronto media quickly declared the trade a rousing success unless it doesn’t work. The trade cost them, and will sting if they don’t re-sign O’Reilly.

The Penguins’ sting won’t have time to linger. The game today is 5:30 p.m., and I’m sure there’s a good reason for it besides sadism. Perhaps AT&T Sportsnet’s ownership was hoping for an early bird special discount?

Pittsburgh Penguins / Steelers, Pirates:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Dave Molinari Penguins recap.

The locker room was rushed. I’ve seen those faces before, but coach Mike Sullivan was surprisingly upbeat about the game. Here’s the inside Penguins’ reaction.

NYI Hockey Now — The flip side was a bit happier. Go inside the New York Islanders locker room.

PHN+: The report card. The grades. The direct and honest encapsulation of the singular game and bigger Penguins’ problems.

And here’s the column that had readers ripping me. But after the game, I think it made a lot more sense. Yeah, I’m infuriating that way. This is it — if GM Ron Hextall doesn’t make bold moves now or this summer, the Penguins dynasty is over.

NHL Trade, News & National Hockey Now:

Sportsnet: Here’s the trade that supposedly rocked the NHL trade market (no joke, the hyperbole up north is a bit thick today). Toronto spent a first, second, third, and fourth-rounder over the next three years. O’Reilly to Toronto.

And Billy Guerin helped for only a fourth-rounder?

Headline: “All In” Hockey world ‘stupified’ by Maple Leafs Blockbuster Trade” Whew, that’s some heavy wording.

Philly Hockey Now: James van Riemsdyk is drawing interest from four teams on the NHL trade market. McDavid has lived up to the hype. He scored his 100th point already.

TSN: Super agent and sometimes Twitter pot-stir Allan Walsh sent a tweet ripping the Flames, and indirectly, the head coach. Wisely, Walsh’s Flames’ client, Jonathan Huberdeau, tried to back away from the tweet.

Sorry for the shorty today. All-night travel from Long Island to Newark to Pittsburgh. And there’s no wifi on the plane?! As soon as we touch down, I’m hitting publish and running for my car. I cut it close, and it looks like it will work. I’ll be live with Phil Bourque and Jenna Harner at 9:30 on 11 on The Ice. WPXI’s new weekly hockey show. I’ll admit to being a bit insecure about the new TV work. Why would anyone watch ME? I’m not a natural, but I hope you’ll put it on the TV, so the ratings are huge!

I’ve seen the topics, and we’re getting in-depth. I know you’ll want to discuss. We didn’t spare feelings.

See you then.