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Dan’s Daily: Offseason Questions, Bolts Blowout Habs, New Trade Chatter



NHL trade, Seth Jones

From here to through August, it looks like the Daily will revolve around the Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL trade chatter, and the real stories we can scrape together. The NHL players really want to go to the Olympics, but there are complications and time is running short. The Slovakian President honored Zdeno Chara, and we try to answer a few of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ burning offseason questions.

As long as I live, I do not think I shall encounter a smoother operator than NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Bettman and deputy commish Bill Daly held their annual joint press conference. The NHL player’s participation in the Olympics hangs in the balance, and the NHL announced its signature events for next season, including the Winter Classic and Stadium Series games. 

The NHL essentially handed the hot potato of dealing with the IOC to the NHLPA; surely, the NHL knew how difficult the negotiations would be. So, the league is letting the players union fail, but by letting the union fail to get a deal, Bettman will have lived up to his good faith promise to let the players go but will get what he wants–the players not going–without blame. Brilliant.

The Penguins offseason questions persist. Prospects? Trade? Goalies? We try to answer the Penguins’ biggest questions. 

PHN+: You want trade rumors and NHL trade chatter? How about the LA Kings poking around on Phil Kessel? Our weekly must-read, “Off the Record,” has more juicy chatter from NHL GMs, Execs, and scouts…

In honor of David Pastrnak’s son Viggo, who passed away at four days old, I’m giving away free subscriptions to PHN+ for all new donations of $25 or more to St. Jude’s Children Hospital or the Shriner’s Hospital. Just send me a screenshot (via DM or email of your donation.

From Boston Hockey Now, here is the full story on Pastrnak’s tragedy

NHL Trade Chatter

Philly: NHL trade chatter that could shake the Metro Division–The Philadelphia Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher is “definitely” working a Seth Jones deal. 

Vegas: Should any Vegas Golden Knights be untouchable, especially for Jack Eichel?

Detroit: I’ve been telling you all season to keep an eye on the Penguins and Detroit Red Wings (and I see at least one blog caught on last week). Catch the ever-so-subtle NHL trade rumor here from Kevin Allen. Detroit–Penguins trade?

Stanley Cup Final, NHL News, National Hockey Now network:

Sportsnet: The Tampa Bay Lightning dominated Game 1, 5-1. Montreal tried to send a message, and Tampa Bay made them pay. 

The PHN Stanley Cup bets preview almost hit the double. We proffered the Canadiens would need time to settle in (check), and Blake Coleman would score a goal. We were temporarily right on that one.

Florida: The 2021 NHL All-Star Game was to be held in Florida. COVID changed that. But while Minnesota kept the Winter Classic, Florida lost the All-Star game to Vegas. Doh. 

TSN: Reporter Rick Westhead is hammering away at the growing Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault scandal. On Monday, the Blackhawks commissioned an independent investigation, and one of the abused players spoke to Westhead about his trauma and struggling dealing with it 11 years later. 

I learned this fact on Monday, which made my skin crawl. The Blackhawks fired the video coach in question but gave him a positive recommendation when he applied to coach a high school team. The coach subsequently molested a 17-year-old player. Dear God, heads must roll.

Now some fun news…

Washington Hockey Now: It is Slovakia’s 28th independence celebration, and as part of the national celebrations, Slovakia’s President honored Zdeno Chara. 

NYI: Oliver Wahlstrom can put the puck in the net, but he was a scratch for Travis Zajac for most of the New York Islanders’ playoff run. Barry Trotz says no regrets, but where does that leave Wahlstrom for next year?

San Jose (Podcast): So, which Logan Couture will the San Jose Sharks get next year?