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Dan’s Daily: Draft Change Could Affect Penguins, Flyers Booed Off Ice



2020 NHL Draft Pittsburgh Penguins

Interesting headline today isn’t it? The NHL Draft Lottery changed in advance of the 2021 NHL Draft, and not coincidentally in advance of the 2021 NHL trade deadline. The Pittsburgh Penguins put Radim Zohorna on the ice at Cranberry on Tuesday, and the NHL is investigating an on-ice incident involving a referee and hot mic.

Shelly Anderson did her usual bang-up job at the Penguins practice on Tuesday.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Jason Zucker is skating, but none of the injured players, including Brandon Tanev, were at practice.

One guy who was at practice was Radim Zohorna. Cue the Penguins fans’ buzz. Zohorna chatted with the media, too.  

Philly Hockey Now: The Philadelphia fans have had enough of the Flyers middling play. ENOUGH! They booed the Flyers off the ice in their loss to the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday. 

NHL News

The NHL changed the draft lottery and it could affect the Penguins in the next couple of years (but not this year since they ceded their No. 1 pick). The number of teams that could win the first overall pick shrank from 16 to 11 and the worst overall team cannot pick lower than third. Here are the NHL Draft Lottery Changes.

This will be an interesting conversation. The NHL is investigating officials Tim Peel and Kelly Sutherland after a hot mic caught one of them admitting they called a soft penalty because they wanted to penalize Nashville.

I wish I had time for more live chats this year so I could really explain and talk with you about this: THE most informative interview I ever did on 93-7 the Fan (as a host) was with former referee Kerry Fraser. The short of it is: YES, officials manage the game. You can’t call EVERYTHING. And yes, some players are marked, and that’s how officials keep control of the game. Some nights, the boys don’t care, most nights they obey but you can’t have 40 minutes of special teams and 20 minutes of hockey.

After a precipitous drop in players entering the COVID protocol, we’re seeing another spike. Montreal has postponed games, Boston has five in the protocol, and Anaheim closed their practice facility.


NHL Trade Talk:

TSN: The Insiders believe Arizona could be a big seller at the NHL trade deadline and this summer, and Michael Granlund fits well with Toronto. 

According to Elliotte Friedman’s 31 Thoughts, former Penguins AGM Jason Karmanos is a strong contender for Buffalo’s AGM spot. Of course, EF drops some big-time trade talk, too.

One wonders if Karmanos’ former boss will be his new boss this summer…

THN: Goalie Trade Bait!

National Hockey Now

San Jose: The Sharks are their own worst enemy. 

NYI: In a sign of things to come, beginning April 1, you can attend Islanders games, BUT…you have to be vaccinated or show a negative test within the last six hours to watch the Islanders games. 

Seems like NY state is groping for answers, eh?

Florida: This time as the visitor’s coach, Joel Quenneville returns to Chicago.

Boston: Boston’s COVID list is full, but Tuuka Rask could play Thursday. 

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1 year ago

I am not quite sure why there is shock when an umpire or referee in any sport makes a call based in his/her own emotion and arbitrary feelings at that moment. It happens all the time in every sport. I appreciate that it is not what we would like to think happens . . . but it does. It is not going to change. This group is as human as the players who do stupid things on and off their respective playing surfaces with regularity. As for hockey officials . .. I think these guys take more abuse from mouthy… Read more »

D1VE is Dumb
D1VE is Dumb
1 year ago

Tim Peel has been fired effective immediately. NHL has to save face.
I can’t help but feel like not just the refs, but sometimes the league itself, has a vested interest in the outcome of games or playoff series. Its not just hockey, but every major professional sport. I know I have watched games for 5 minutes and could tell who the powers that be wanted to win.

1 year ago
Reply to  D1VE is Dumb

No question about it. Teams that the respective leagues want in to boost TV ratings.

1 year ago

Flyers booed off the ice? That’s nothing. I’ve been booing the Flyers relentlessly for forty-something years. On the ice. Off the ice. When I sleep. During mass. At the proctologist…