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Dan’s Daily: Brown Trade Rumors, Fleury Faces History



Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL trade, Marc-Andre Fleury

One name that has been linked to the Pittsburgh Penguins via speculation more than actual NHL trade rumor is Dustin Brown. It now appears one team is kicking the tires on Brown and it’s a Penguins rival. Also in the Daily, the Penguins won with offense from the entire lineup. Marc-Andre Fleury faced the cameras about his place in history and his past.

The Fleury interview is pretty cool.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: First, I’ll make you read the Penguins stories. Buffalo gave the Penguins a game. The score was 5-2, but the Penguins had to work for it. Here are the full story and the Penguins gold stars. 

And Zach Aston-Reese scored two goals. One of which counted. Aston-Reese thinks it’s his new shoulder. We disagree. Here’s the full story on Zach Aston-Reese. 


Sportsnet TV: Marc-Andre Fleury sat down with Chris Simpson. His past. His future and Fleury’s place in history. 

The NHL fired official Tim Peel for his hot mic admission that he made an even-up call. 

Some have asked for my opinion on the matter. Blunt truth? It’s not possible to call “everything.” The handwringers that think it is really plausible to call it tight would hate the game they’ve created. Officials have to manage the game unless you want to see 40 minutes of special teams play. By in large, officials do a great job. It’s a shame Peel got busted, but what he said was no different than what former officials have told me.

As Jonathan Toews pointed out, do you really want to see a game decided by a faceoff infraction?

The older I get, the more I realize idealism’s necessary companion is naivety. Sorry. Peel had to be fired because his credibility was destroyed, but officials have to manage the game. They just have to, regardless of the perfect world aspirations in which we’d all like to live.

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