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Dan’s Daily: J.T. Miller Slams NHL Trade Rumors, Strange Tom Wilson Autographs



NHL trade, Pittsburgh Penguins Brian Boyle shoves Washington's Tom Wilson.

We have officially reached the deadzone in the NHL offseason in which the NHL trade market is clogged, free agents are at the beach waiting out the malaise, and so we’re talking about Pittsburgh Penguins statues and if Tom Wilson will sign your forehead. J.T. Miller slammed his trade rumors, especially to the Penguins. Marian Hossa has some high praise for Juraj Slafkovsky, Team USA is rolling, and Team Canada is winning with adversity and a “Michigan” goal.

At least Steelers fans had a blast on Saturday, and the quarterbacks looked pretty good.

Also, I’ve got $20 that says Sidney Crosby will score a Michigan goal this season. You can almost see him practicing that during dry land drills in Nova Scotia, just so it’s perfect for training camp.

Pittsburgh Penguins / Sports Now PGH

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Oh, great balls of fire, build Mike a statue and get his dog one too. The best Pittsburgh Penguins story to read this weekend comes from Dave Molinari. Mike Lange deserves a banner and maybe even a statue. Pittsburgh Penguins.

Steelers Now: From the locker room, Kenny Pickett couldn’t help but hear the chants, “Kenny! Kenny! Kenny!” Even better, his grandfather was at the game. Watch now  — Pittsburgh Steelers locker room.

SN(+): Game 1 takeaways — yes, George Pickens is really good. Really, really good. Get the full story on the game and performances from our boys who covered the game. Pittsburgh Steelers analysis.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now: The draft picks are making their debuts. First-round pick Termarr Johnson poked his first hit. Pittsburgh Pirates prospects.

NHL Trade Talk, News, & National Hockey Now: A good transcription of J.T. Miller on Jon Scott’s podcast, “…every time somebody says something, 99% of that is not real. It’s a rumor mill, and when you play in Vancouver, it’s non-stop. I was traded to the Penguins 20 times this summer.”

Calgary Hockey Now: Milan Lucic is trending on social media. Is he on the NHL trade block, are the Calgary Flames done?

Washington Hockey Now: Will Tom Wilson sign your forehead? What about your…? He’s received some pretty strange autograph requests. Fun story from Sammi Silber. My own .02: If Wilson didn’t lose his marbles on the ice, he’d be revered not reviled. Washington Capitals.

Montreal Hockey Now: Slovakian HoF (and former Pittsburgh Penguins winger) Marian Hossa had some very high praise for first overall pick Juraj Slafkovsky.

World Juniors:

Sportsnet: Canada is still jelling, but wow, they are loaded. Czechia gave them a game, but not enough. Kent Johnson scored the “Michigan” goal, and Team Canada won 5-1.

TSN: Here’s Johnson’s goal. I still hate them. NHL’ers will break sticks and jaws to defend it, but they are pretty.

And some begrudging coverage of Team USA, too. They won 7-0 and are 3-0 in the tournament.

Without Team Russia, it is coming down to a Canada-US showdown.

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Vince Gori
Vince Gori
1 month ago

Hate the Michigan goal. It’s a “hot dog” move and in the old days probably would got you knocked on your keister.

Ujn Hunter
1 month ago
Reply to  Vince Gori

“I don’t mind the hot dogs” – Phil Kessel (probably), but it’s a dangerous play and I think the NHL should probably not allow them. I mean… they don’t allow you to headbutt in a goal, but they allow you to basically high stick a goalie to score?

1 month ago

“I was traded to the Penguins 20 times this summer.” And every time had to try and return another J.T. Pens jersey!