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Dan’s Daily: Crosby Upgraded, Vegas Closing in on Eichel



Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby

Could it be? The Pittsburgh Penguins will presumably get one if not two centers back on Saturday night against the New Jersey Devils. There are more shockwaves from the Chicago Blackhawks scandal, including altering the Stanley Cup and more culpability from the NHLPA. And the NHL trade drumbeats are growing louder in Vegas as they close in on Jack Eichel.

At the bottom of the post is a sad story about Steve Carlson–one of the Hanson Brothers–and how you can help.

This could be interesting. Other teams have gotten close with the Buffalo Sabres on Eichel before, but the finish line remained a mile away. The NHL trade rumors exploded on Friday afternoon when Elliotte Friedman reported they were serious, and Vegas Hockey Now advanced the story on Friday evening.

Vegas: Confirmed. It’s getting warm in Vegas, and the lingering saga on the NHL trade market could conclude. Jack Eichel to the Vegas Golden Knights?

What the heck, lets go with more NHL trade rumors.

TSN: The LA Kings are searching for depth right-defensemen. Drew Doughty is out for six to eight weeks, and Sean Walker is out for the season. The Kings are on the hunt. 

Now to the Pittsburgh Penguins…

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Sidney Crosby was a full participant at practice. So, too, was Jeff Carter. Is it go time for both?

Another PHN Live Penguins chat from our downtown offices. Everything from the NHL trade market to why aren’t Penguins fans showing up to Sidney Crosby. We moved to a new YouTube channel (National Hockey Now), so subscribe to the channel to get notified of the next one. Here’s the Penguins Live Chat. 

And DraftKings and Barstool sportsbooks are offering some promotions, and John Perrotto offers some Steelers betting predictions for tomorrow. Get ’em while they’re hot. 

If you make a deposit and place a wager this weekend, send me the screenshot via DM or email, and we’ll give you a free subscription. 

WBS Penguins: Louis Domingue was brilliant and stole a point for the WBS Penguins on Friday night. 

I’m telling you–I’ve seen athletes give me the song and dance that they’re going to be better this year. Things are going to turn around. No one has ever made the impression that Domingue did. The practice squad isolation and being bounced around like a carny crushed him. Andy Chiodi inspired him, and Domingue is going to play his way back into the NHL soon.

NHL News & National Hockey Now

AP: It didn’t take long. Rocky Wirtz, the Chicago Blackhawks owner, sent a letter to Lanny McDonald, who is the Hall of Fame chairman, requesting Brad Aldrich be removed from the 2010 Stanley Cup. McDonald agreed immediately, and a marking over the name with Xs is likely how the Hall of Fame will alter the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup ring.

TSN journalist Rick Westhead is mowing through the list of people who could have stopped Brad Aldrich. Next up: Donald Fehr and the NHLPA. Kyle Beach’s agent personally warned Fehr that Aldrich was a predator, and Fehr was to pass that warning to Team USA, where Aldrich was working the U-18 Women’s World Championship. Fehr allegedly never did…

Don’t forget, at the end of this sad trail of inaction was a high school hockey player who was molested after so many adults FAILED to do anything but broom the problem under the rug.

Keep going, Rick.

National Hockey Now

Washington: Ovechkin is ON FIRE. Dude is bombing away like he’s trying to catch Gretzky tomorrow, and the Capitals keep winning. 

NYI: The New York Islanders had to reshuffle their defense pairings. It’s working…for now. 

Detroit: The anniversary and the story of why Gordie Howe took No. 9–he didn’t initially. 

Boston: Jack Edwards isn’t happy–he understands–but isn’t happy he’s still stuck in the studio during road games. 

Florida: You can’t stop the Florida Panthers. 8-0. The Panthers survived Detroit on Friday. 

Montreal: No Shea Weber or Carey Price. NO! You can’t punt the season, argues Mitch Gallo, even though others advocate tanking.

Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: This is another story we don’t want to bring you, but must. Steve Carlson–one of the Hanson Brothers–diagnosed with cancer this month. Being a Hanson isn’t the lucrative dream job you may expect. Carlson, 66, has also set up a GoFundMe page to help with extreme medical expenses. 

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1 year ago

Aldrich is not the only name that should be removed from the Cup. Every other member of ownership and management/coaching should be as well.