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Dan’s Daily: NHL Trade Targets, the Penguins Potential Choices



Pittsburgh Penguins, Evgeni Malkin

The Daily’s are getting more challenging to create because I have to read the entire story to know if the NHL trade chatter is speculation, “should be,” or reported conversations. There is a metric ton of Canadian and Canadien trade talk, a little bit of Pittsburgh Penguins trade speculation, and plenty of Edmonton Oilers debate. We also laid out the Penguins’ offseason chessboard so you can keep score at home.

The Oilers debate is fascinating. Jesse Puljujarvi seems to be the lightning rod of praise and “trade him!” sentiment.

Why did the Colorado Avalanche have to sweep the Oilers? No hockey again last night. Twice in three nights. What are we supposed to do with our lives??

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: If, then, else. It’s a computer programmer’s formula but also a sound logic exercise. The Penguins and GM Ron Hextall have plenty of decisions, but each one has consequences. If the Penguins don’t sign Kris Letang, then what? What if the Penguins sign both Letang and Evgeni Malkin? Decisions and consequences of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

NHL Trade Chatter, News, and National Hockey Now:

Montreal: Edmonton will be an epicenter of the trade rumors, or “rumours.” Tyson Barrie is a name to watch. Jeff Marek had a fresh take and circled the Montreal Canadiens.

Sportsnet: I’ve been immensely enjoying Mark Spector’s coverage. What should the Edmonton Oilers due with Jesse Puljujarvi?

DFO: Frank Seravalli put pen to paper for his top 25 NHL trade targets. Alex DeBrincat’s name is popping up quite a bit, but he will NOT be cheap.

An outsider’s perspective is always nice. Frank went with John Marino for the Penguins trade bait. The problem there–Letang’s status, and the third RHD is Chad Ruhwedel. Trading away an RHD means Hextall has to dredge the depths for two, maybe three RHDs.

Detroit Hockey Now: Former teammates are batting to run Czech hockey. Dominik Hasek, who was pretty outspoken against Russia after the Ukrainian invasion, against Jiri Slegr, former Detroit and Penguins d-man. A cool story with deep Detroit Red Wings ties.

Colorado  Hockey Now: Extra, Extra! The Stanley Cup Final schedule is here. Colorado Avalanche awaits.

NYI: Could Johnny Boychuk join the New York Islanders bench?

TSN: And here is your bit of ridiculousness today (at least until Jacob Trouba is allowed to play in Game 6). The Dallas Stars were able to dump $5 million in salary for…a seventh-round pick. That’s all Buffalo got? Yep, because the Buffalo Sabres needed a dead contract to get closer to the $60 million cap floor.

Kind of ridiculous that this is allowed. An org can ice a team well below the payroll threshold but acquire some dead contracts to balance the ledger. So many things we’d all fix.