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Penguins Live Chat: Metro Shakeups, Penguins’ Prospect Eval, & UFA Gambles



SAGINAW, Mich. — We will try the Pittsburgh Penguins Live Chat with hotel Wi-Fi or 5g. We may have to take your questions and record the video, so get in early and give us your takes, your questions, and two cents.

The stream begins at noon EST.

In addition, we’ll further discuss our scouting report on the Penguins’ top prospect, Brayden Yager, here at the Memorial Cup in Saginaw. It was both surprising and eye-opening — there’s a lot you won’t get on scouting videos.

We’re starting our Penguins free agency dive and looking at one gamble that is a no-risk potential that could handsomely pay off. After that, we’ll get into potential bottom-six free agents who would fit with the Penguins’ needs and maybe add some additional offense or physicality.

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