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PHN Penguins Postgame Chat: The Marchand Incident, Hextall & Penguins Win



The Boston Bruins blitzed the Pittsburgh Penguins for most of their Tuesday matchup. Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry made a season-high 43 saves, and the Penguins beat Boston 4-2 at TD Garden.

The story through the first 59 minutes was Tristan Jarry.

The story after 60 minutes was Tristan Jarry and Brad Marchand. Marchand punched Jarry in the final minute and jabbed Jarry in the mask with his stick as officials removed him from the ice. Officials gave Marchand a Match penalty, which means he is suspended until the commissioner rules.

In the latest live PHN Pittsburgh Penguins postgame chat, Dan Kingerski joined PHN readers to discuss the possible suspension for Boston Bruins Brad Marchand, who was given a Match penalty for punching then spearing Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry. Also, during the first and second intermissions, Penguins GM Ron Hextall was seen in engaged conversations with Seattle Kraken AGM Jason Botterill.

Dan broke down the Penguins game, where the Penguins fell short, and the pressing issues.

Marchand was given two for roughing and the match penalty. Head coach Mike Sullivan didn’t have much comment.

“Obviously, emotions got carried away there at the end, and I didn’t see some of it, quite honestly. But obviously, that’s not anything that we can control. So we’re not focused on it,” Sullivan said.

Jarry took a similar position.

“I think it’s just the heat of the moment. I think everyone’s battling hard out there, and he’s just trying to get the puck to the net, and I think the team did a great job,” Jarry said.

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