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‘Messing Around,’ DeSmith, Blueger Short Dust-Up at Penguins Skate



Pittsburgh Penguins, Casey DeSmith, Teddy Blueger

WASHINGTON, D.C — The Pittsburgh Penguins have been a little disheveled lately. They were looking to win two in a row Thursday but have otherwise struggled since the NHL holiday break.

At the Pengiuns’ optional morning skate Thursday, friends Casey DeSmith and Teddy Blueger had a few terse words followed by a brief, tense moment that culminated in both players putting a glove in their other’s face.

“Nah, just messing around,” Teddy Blueger replied to PHN’s question about the incident with a big grin.

That’s the official word?

“Yeah,” he said as the media scrum ended.

The pair did not appear to be joking as DeSmith skated from his net to the blue line to confront Blueger. Players separated the two, and coaches had to shout to break it up.

Head coach Mike Sullivan was not on the ice for the skate.

The incident seemed to be short-lived, without further incident. The pair are known to be tight. It was Blueger who designed DeSmith’s famous “The Office” mask, which featured the character Dwight Shrute giving an over-the-top speech in an iconic show moment.

DeSmith allowed six goals on 39 shots Tuesday against the Florida Panthers, and Blueger has only one goal and seven points in 32 games this season.

DeSmith will start against the Washington Capitals Thursday. The teams are tied with 56 points, and both occupy a wild-card spot in the Eastern Conference. The Penguins have three games in hand.

Starting goalies are not available to the media on game days.