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Dan’s Daily Links: The Oilers Desperate Shakeup, Canada vs. Russia



1972 Summit Series--Photo courtesy of Hockey Canada

The Edmonton Oilers went to the trade market yesterday and came home with a couple of goodies for their empty defenseman cupboard, including the guy who broke Connor McDavid’s collarbone and refused to feel bad about it despite massive finger-wagging from the internet. There could be a defenseman on the market which affects the Pittsburgh Penguins and sorry Americans, the best rivalry in international hockey doesn’t involve the U.S. on either end. It’s Canada vs. Russia day at the World Juniors.

…And the inner child of millions of Canadians will hear the voice of Foster Hewitt, “They Score! Henderson has scored for Canada!” Or the equally legendary Bob Cole’s radio call, also, “Henderson!” If you’re unfamiliar with the 1972 Summit Series, dedicate some time to it. Absolutely unbelievable stuff–At the Hockey Hall of Fame, I watched tears stream down many faces as they watched the HHOF highlights. (YouTube–NBCsports)

Ask a Canadian where they were. And to begin fully understand hockey culture–get to the 59-minute mark with Bobby Clarke and Phil Esposito, “That’s part of the game. That’s part of the game…You understand this is war.”

To modern-day–It’s Canada vs. Russia day at the World Juniors and Team Canada’s captain is ready to go (TSN)

The Edmonton Oilers have lost five straight and been eaten alive on the blue line. According to Mark Spector, Sunday the Oilers went into desperation mode–for the team and the GM (Sportsnet)

Spector doesn’t pull any punches, including to his hometown star–it’s a very good read.

Larry Brooks of the NY Post thinks the New York Rangers should begin showcasing Kevin Shattenkirk for a trade. Shattenkirk returns to the lineup today (NY Post).

Shattenkirk could impact the market…and the Penguins?

Brandon Pirri is a goal scoring animal. He may be a bubble NHL player, but he can finish. Now he’s finishing for Vegas (USA Today)

The NHLPA has reacted to the Dallas Stars temper tantrum, in which President Jim Lites essentially covered his star players in expletive-laden feces (CBC)