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Dan’s Daily: Penguins FA Prices, Goalies on the Market, McDavid Overrated?!



Edmonton Oilers, Connor McDavid, Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL trade rumors

Goalies are still the hot commodity on the NHL trade block. We looked at the Pittsburgh Penguins’ free agents and their projected contracts. Put down the sharp objects, Florida newspapers. The media establishment that spends very little time and money covering the Florida Panthers all season is now showing up with lots of opinions before the Stanley Cup Final, and it’s going as well as you might expect. Lastly, the Vancouver Canucks are trying to get their hands on Martin Necas but are having trouble meeting the Carolina Hurricanes price tag.

If you find an elbow brace, let me know. When you write over 1000 stories a year and toss suitcases about 100 nights a year, it can put a strain on the elbow. I’ve been wearing a brace for some pretty good tendinitis, but something happened Monday night. I slept in my office chair, which is also a recliner, but when I woke up, the brace was gone. There was an empty Slim Jim wrapper beside me, but I could not find the brace, and I had no memory of getting the Slim Jim out of the drawer.

I did find a sock I’ve been hunting for months. Ah, the offseason.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: How much will Alex Nedeljkovic’s next contract be worth? What about the other Penguins’ free agents, unrestricted and restricted? And will P.O Joseph get his payday? Here are the Penguins’ contract projections.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now: You have to be kidding. Jack Suwinski provided the only run scored, and Jared Jones was dealing. The LA Dodgers were no match, and the Pittsburgh Pirates won.

Steelers Now: All of that trade talk and whinging by media and fans has made its way into the WR room. They hear it and they’re not happy with all of the Steelers trade talk.

NHL Trade Talk, News, & National Hockey Now

Florida Hockey Now: Oh, head games. Can’t take any more. How much does the Florida Panthers’ experience matter? Edmonton head coach Kris Knoblauch downplayed Florida’s experience and compared them to … wait for it … the Buffalo Bills. Here’s Knoblauch’s shade on the Florida Panthers.

Wow. I’m not sure if the coach meant the comments as they read, but then again, he has to know, right?

New Jersey Hockey Now: The Devils are back on the hunt, looking for a goalie. The NHL trade rumors are churning again for the New Jersey Devils.

Boston Hockey Now: Guess what? The Devils have the pieces in place to snag a Vezina Trophy-level goalie, such as Linus Ullmark. New Jersey needs one, and Andrew Fantuchhio reports that the Devils and Boston Bruins line up well.

TSN: In Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, the legacy Florida sports media largely ignores hockey and doesn’t know much about it (that’s why Florida Hockey Now exists). Over the last two seasons, McDavid has scored 96 goals with 285 points. Good grief, a Miami columnist wrote that Connor McDavid is Overrated?!

Put down your laptop. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Sportsnet: Building off the New Jersey story: Goalies. Lots of teams need them, and the prices reflect a heavy seller’s market. The Edmonton Oilers might be off the market, but a few other teams could become Stanley Cup contenders with a good netminder. Here’s the trade chatter surrounding the goalies.

32 Thoughts: Elliotte Friedman took the Mitch Marner trade talk a step further. Marner is ready to play next season with Toronto on an expiring contract and let the situation play out. Or is he?

Also, from Friedman, Vancouver is interested in Necas, but it’s going to take some horses to get him out of Carolina, and Vancouver might not have enough to get that trade done.

Buffalo Hockey Now: And what are the odds that Patrick Kane heads home and plays for the Buffalo Sabres?

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Brian X
Brian X
10 days ago

Jarry for the 10th pick? Yes!

10 days ago
Reply to  Brian X

lmao there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that a division rival trades a top 10 pick for Jarry

King Penguin
King Penguin
10 days ago

McDavid is a generational talent. But is he a great leader? How much better does he make those around him? Wise hockey people know the answers. He has scored one-third of his points on the power play, more than 41 goals twice in nine seasons and done it in a historically soft division and less physical/D-minded conference, not to be neutral or anything.

10 days ago
Reply to  King Penguin

He 1000% makes the people around him better. Look at Zach Hyman the last 2 years and even Nugent-Hopkins in these playoffs