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Dan’s Daily: Penguins Gearing Up, Giroux Trade Possibles, Olympic Fiasco



NHL trade: Pittsburgh Penguins, Drew O'Connor, Danton Heinen, Jason Zucker

The Pittsburgh Penguins lines were jostled without Evgeni Malkin, who tested positive for COVID. Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux showed some hop in the All-Star Game, and now the NHL trade rumors are churning. The Jack Eichel era in Vegas is about to begin. And the battle royal in Olympic hockey went to the Canadians, even as athletes go hungry as China fails to provide meals or adequate housing to many Olympians.

My views on the international community’s obtuse selfishness and complicity in ignoring the Chinese human rights abuses are probably well known. Is anyone shocked that athletes aren’t being fed and are being treated like cattle? Communism works only in classrooms.

NY Post: The story that is going viral. Olympic athletes can’t get food, and accommodations are, to say the least, inadequate. The full story. 

Sportsnet: Team Canada threw down the gauntlet. There are two quality teams in the Women’s division, and Canada beat the USA in the first showdown.

Vegas: Green means, GO! Jack Eichel shed the non-contact jersey and is a full-go for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Penguins lines got a jostle on Monday without Evgeni Malkin. However, Drew O’Connor and Danton Heinen returned. Head coach Mike Sullivan opted for limited disruption, but the lineup remains in flux. The Pittsburgh Penguins lines and practice notes.

Malkin was placed in COVID protocol, Michael Chaput and cult hero Valterri Puustinen were recalled from WBS to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

And just in case you’re getting into the Super Bowl spirit, FanDuel is giving a $280 cash bonus. Get the FanDuel promo.

NHL Trade Chatter & National Hockey Now:

TSN Video: Ahead of the NHL trade deadline, teams are calling the Ottawa Senators.

Florida: Jimmy Murphy and I had the same thought when the news broke–this has implications on the NHL trade market– Prized free-agent goalie prospect Mack Guzda signed with the Florida Panthers.

Colorado: An interesting take. Agree or disagree–Make all NHL games worth three points?

Boston: Not long after his “comeback,” the Boston Bruins shut down Tuukka Rask for a while.

Washington: Pheonix Copley was a hot-shot goalie prospect. But he’s bounced around organizations and not stuck in the NHL. Now he’s getting a last best-chance with the Washington Capitals.

NYI: They were supposed to be Stanley Cup contenders. This was supposed to be the crowning season with a brand new arena. Instead, they’ll likely miss the playoffs. So what changed with the New York Islanders?

Don’t assume Barry Trotz is safe.

Philly: If you enjoy the Flyers’ misery, here’s the story for you. President Dave Scott says fans “have been through a lot.” Season tickets won’t increase ticket prices next season in Philadelphia Flyers land.

The Score: Flyer’s captain Claude Giroux seems to be a goner. Perhaps that’s a running theme in the NHL this season as Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, Patrice Bergeron, and Giroux are pending UFAs. The four landing spots for Giroux.

Don’t sleep on Bergeron leaving the Bruins. And I think we know the murky situations with Letang and Malkin. It’s going to be a heartbreaking summer for a lot of fans.

Monday night was my first Beanpot tournament. I’ll never miss another. The chants, the unbridled enthusiasm, everything made me enjoy hockey in a way I have not in a long, long time. After Northeastern and Boston College fans traded chants, “F*** (the other school),” then Northeastern taunted B.C.–a Jesuit school–with “Jesus Loves Us–clap, clap–Jesus Loves Us!” So, B.C. fans returned fire with “Safety School! Safety School!”

I couldn’t stop laughing…or smiling. There was also some pretty good hockey.

And remember the name: TJ Semptimphelter.

The walk-on freshman goalie for Northeastern was spectacular. He played the game of his life and Northeastern won 3-1.

I finished the night with a couple of Guinness in a dirty Irish bar and three slices of pizza…just like college (except now I can afford Guinness).

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Chris R
Chris R
3 months ago

Systematic terrorizing of the athletes through isolation and deprivation, and all the IOC has to say is, “The issues are currently being addressed together with Beijing 2022 and the respective management of the facilities concerned.”? That sounds about on par. I’d be more worried about getting home than any competition.

Steve Malik
Steve Malik
3 months ago

a shot of Jamison also ,,,

3 months ago

Communism works only in classrooms. That’s pretty good Dan, but since it’s black history month…..

Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it. Thomas Sowell.

3 months ago

I think it’s great that global warming doesn’t exist. Pyeongchang olympics had over 90% artificial snow, these are 100% man made snow. But really, i’m so concerned about the athletes, the food, IOC and money being made everywhere. The Japanese were protesting and didn’t want the games to be held, but they had to. Because, you know, covid is not that dangerous. So, everything is OK. Covid, global warming, shortages, prices skyrocketing are all under control (for some there’s nothing to control because all of that doesn’t exist) so let’s focus on politics. Well, you go ahead, I’ll just focus… Read more »

3 months ago

Don’t forget Dan that communism also works to create a rolling classic car museum in Cuba (with a healthy pinch of embargo)!

3 months ago
Reply to  Dan Kingerski

Agreed. Tougher to steal cars on an island!

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