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Dan’s Daily: Sheary Chirps Guentzel, Eichel Sticks it to Buffalo



Pittsburgh Penguins, Jake Guentzel, Sidney Crosby, NHL trade chatter

TORONTO — The Hockey Now family had a few viral stories on Thursday. Dave Molinari tied the swim trunks tight and cannonballed into public consternation over Kaperi Kapanen’s play. Conor Sheary was mic’d up and heavily chirped Jake Guentzel. Jack Eichel stuck it to the Buffalo Sabres with a hat trick and a win. The Colorado Avalanche are browsing the NHL trade market for a center, a verified (but fake) account reported a wild trade that had Twitter going, the Calgary Flames are in a Penguins-like freefall, and the Detroit Red Wings crumbled against the New York Rangers.

Ok, Elon, I’m with you. Anyone who has done that much to advance space travel gets my benefit of the doubt. However, if you’re going to charge $8 to be verified, you must make sure the account is, you know, verifiable. There should also be consequences for hoaxes, misinformation, and similar jackassery.

At 9 a.m., I’ll publish the Penguins one-timers exploring Brian Dumoulin’s problems and more on the goalies.

Let’s get to it…

Pittsburgh Penguins / Steelers, Pirates

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Dave Molinari writes that the Pittsburgh Penguins can wave or waive goodbye to Kasperi Kapanen.

Washington Hockey Now: Here’s the story you want — Conor Sheary wanted to fight Jake Guentzel? Wild stuff — Sheary was mic’d for the game on Wednesday between the Penguins and the Washington Capitals.

I planned to publish the Penguins one-timers with Dumoulin on Thursday afternoon, but an eight-hour drive stretched beyond 11 hours with rush hour traffic getting out of Washington and into Toronto. The joys of the job, eh?

Things never go according to plan when I travel. Take, for example, my Lyft from the Washington Monument to the hotel on Wednesday night.


Steelers Now:

  • The “Big Nickel” package could change the Steelers’ defense.
  • No, KP won’t admit to a grudge — The Saints passed on Kenny Pickett at the draft.
  • Injury updates: Larry Ogunjobi returned to practice, but others sat out for the Steelers.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now: Hey! A Pittsburgh Pirates trade with the Tampa Bay Rays snared a 1B, Ji-Man Choi.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

Montreal Hockey Now: The Avalanche could be in the market for a center. The NHL trade chatter always brings up the big names like Ryan O’Reilly in St. Louis, but Sean Monahan is a legit possibility, too. He could be a sought-after Montreal Canadiens trade chip.

NYI Hockey Now: A verified Twitter account (but not a real one) reported it was a done deal — The Edmonton Oilers traded Connor McDavid to the New York Islanders.

No, they didn’t.

STL Today: The Blues retooling could happen soon. Are Ryan O’Reilly and Vladimir Tarasenko on the NHL trade block?

Vegas Hockey Now: Jack Eichel returned to Buffalo for just the second time. Every time he thought about touching the puck, the loud boos began. Buffalo fans tried to boo him out of the building, but Eichel silenced them with a hat trick and a win for the Vegas Golden Knights.

NYI: The Spittin’ Chiclets podcast really pumped Ilya Sorokin’s tires. They like the Islanders, too. Here’s what the New York Islanders said.

Calgary: Uh oh, seven in a row. The Boston Bruins beat Calgary 3-1 at the TD Center. So, what is wrong with the Calgary Flames?

Detroit hockey Now: Detroit could have helped the Penguins and kept the Rangers in the same time zone, but the Rangers put it to the Detroit Red Wings.

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26 days ago

Was that hit by OV on Rutta the one that injured him? Definitely charging.

25 days ago

Guentzel was the one who asked sheary if he wanted to go

25 days ago

Kinda looks like Lyft’s Cash Cab.

25 days ago

What kind of candy did the lyft have for you: mints or molly?

25 days ago

LMAO that was considered great chirping by Sheary?! (source WHN)

hold that L, “little boi”!!!