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Dan’s Daily: Penguins’ Bad News on Petry, Ovechkin Beer Bath for 800



Pittsburgh Penguins news, NHL trade talk, and Alex Ovechkin beer bath

Bo Harvat released a statement regarding rampant NHL trade rumors. Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Jeff Petry was indeed injured on Saturday near the end of the win over the Buffalo Sabres, and he’ll be out for at least 24 days. Alex Ovechkin reached rarified air and got a beer bath for his accomplishment. The investigation into the 2018 Team Canada sexual assault is reaching the home stretch, and Ryan Reynolds met with Gary Bettman about the Ottawa Senators sale.

Maximum effort, Deadpool.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: I had a suspicion this would happen. Even as Jeff Petry stood at his locker stall and kind of shrugged that he was OK after going down in pain on Saturday, it just seemed to have every earmark of breaking news later. Sure enough — Mark Friedman and Drew O’Connor were recalled, and Jeff Petry is on LTIR.

What about re-signing Evgeni Malkin vs. what everyone wanted, Vincent Trocheck? What is one issue the Penguins will face in the second half? Check ’em out in the Pittsburgh Penguins one-timers.

As Dave Molinari noted, the Penguins are emerging. They have 13 wins in 17 games and points in 15 of those 17. And after the patient defensive win over Dallas, it doesn’t matter what style opponents want to play, the Penguins can win.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now:

Washington Hockey Now: Sammi Silber has full coverage of the big night. Great players create great moments, and within sight of 800 goals, Ovechkin ripped a hat trick to get there in a win over Chicago. Check this out — his teammates were waiting with a Bud Light beer bath for Alex Ovechkin goal 800.

Ovechkin is just the third player in NHL history to get to that mark. Here is #800

And waiting for Ovi in the locker room was Nick Backstrom. Those two have played over 1000 games together, and Backstrom set up 278 of Ovechkin’s goals, the fourth-best combo in NHL history. All around, it was a special night for the Washington Capitals.

It’s pretty amazing that you and I have been there for perhaps the greatest superstar tandem/rivalry in NHL history. Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. In the same division. Same rookie year. One might be the greatest goal scorer ever, and one just might be the greatest all-around player ever.

And the Penguins were one ping-pong ball away from having both (though getting Evgeni Malkin was the better result for building a team).

NYI Hockey Now: The NHL trade chatter is exploding in Vancouver. Bo Horvat seems to be on the radar of several teams. And the New York Islanders should be one.

Philly Hockey Now: Bash brothers. I KNOW Penguins fans, despite when the Flyers ratchet up the physical play (partly because the Penguins usually can’t respond in kind and because the Penguins are the recipients of the worst of it). Ariel Melendez notes a couple of young players are bringing back the Philly Flyers “identity.”

Dallas Hockey Now: Oh, what could have been? The Penguins play Florida tomorrow. They could have been facing Jason Robertson in Florida — a little nugget was revealed. Florida was lying in wait to snag Robertson in the second round of the 2017 Draft. Then … one pick before them, surprise! The Dallas Stars grabbed him.

TSN: This really won’t help, but Bo Horvat released a statement that he won’t address the NHL trade rumors swirling around him.

TSN video: Gary Bettman addressed numerous topics at the Board of Governor’s meeting, including the investigation with is almost completed into the 2018 Team Canada sexual assault allegations.

And here’s Gary Bettman on Ryan Reynolds’s potential involvement in Ottawa Senators ownership.

Vegas: Watch this? The Golden Knights are decimated by injuries, including Shea Theodore and Jack Eichel. Some rookies are getting a shot. Ready prospect Daniil Miramanov scored his first NHL goal in a win over Winnipeg. But — no celly for the Vegas Golden Knights?

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