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Penguins Live Chat: Prospects Analysis, Free Agents, & More on Sid



The Pittsburgh Penguins wrapped their rookie camp on Wednesday and our Dan Kingerski went through the prospects that you’re likely to see again very soon and a few who disappointed. The chat also veered into the restricted free agents the Penguins could look at, the one remaining UFA who fits the Penguins, and a bit of inside info on Sidney Crosby’s contract.

We got the Crosby contract info out of the way early (1:25).

Dan didn’t sugarcoat where a couple of the Penguins’ top prospects are in their development: why the Sergei Murashov star is rising (6:30), the angry prospect who impressed Kingerski (7:45), how soon Brayden Yager will make the NHL (9:00), and where Owen Pickering stands as he turns pro (10:30).

Dan’s chuckle when discussing Penguins prospect, 2024 second-round pick Tanner Howe (12:53) probably said as much as his analysis.

The rest of the chat focused on the Penguins’ ability to be competitive and the improving rivals in the Metro Division (15:30), the RFAs whom the Penguins could swipe (19:30), whether Penguins president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas will spend his millions by acquiring a cast-off that comes with draft picks on the NHL trade block or look at free agents (22:10), and the one free agent that makes the most sense for Dubas to sign.

We began the second half of the show at the 29:00 mark with a discussion of goaltending and where Murashov could play this coming season. After that, the readers’ questions flowed fast and furious, including what to expect at the NHL trade deadline (33:00).

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12 days ago

Crosby will sign on 8.7.24… why there is any debate otherwise regarding whether he does or doesnt or is dragging or waiting or anything is pointless…

11 days ago

Rumor out of Buffalo multiple friends hearing up there, Rakell is being on their radar. As we know top 6, $5m to 2027-28. What if any word on this? And would a Isak Rosen & Ryan Johnson return be to much?!

Last edited 11 days ago by Centralpa