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Dan’s Daily: Panthers Drilled; Laine Debate; Potential Penguins Change



Pittsburgh Penguins trade talk, Patrik Laine

It figures. Settle in for a Saturday night hockey game and the highlight of the season–the Stanley Cup presentation–and the Edmonton Oilers absolutely drilled the Florida Panthers, extending the series to Game 5. The NHL trade rumors are a little light today, but we’ve got various takes on Patrik Laine and a Columbus perspective. And we dug into potential Pittsburgh Penguins’ changes with new assistant coach David Quinn.

I don’t like to ever comment on the competition or other media outlets. Still, sometimes events compel me to stand up for Pittsburgh Hockey Now’s Penguins coverage and our National Hockey Now network. When others have a habit of simply “borrowing” ideas and content a day later, it’s no good. They’re going to hear about it. I’ve had to rip the Hockey News before for this very issue. Their local coverage around the league is highlighted by a lot of contractors who have never written or worked professionally before, so they don’t necessarily understand etiquette or professionalism. It’s time they learn.

We all cross streams once in a while. Hey, I’ve had conversations with my colleagues about what I have coming up or what I’d like to do, and we’ve realized we have similar thoughts, but those crossovers aren’t frequent and certainly not within 24 hours on unique topics. The above happens far too often and in too many cities for it to be a coincidence.

Also, I’m incredibly sad to report that DeAgengelis’s Donuts in Rochester is closing for good today. That little donut shop with strong black coffee and vintage counters announced yesterday that today was their last day. You don’t get bits of Americana like that anymore. I’d occasionally ride up just for the best cake donuts ever. Fare thee well.

Enjoy the weather today before the sunny sauna arrives. I do believe I’ll be using two wheels to get some donuts and then BBQ from the Happy Cow in Tionesta. Happy Father’s Day. Hopefully, Dad is or was your biggest fan, too.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: It was a notebook day. What could be the potential effects on the Penguins’ system after hiring assistant coach David Quinn? And Penguins president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas has stated a desire, but how will he get there? Can he get there? The Penguins Notebook.

It’s a hockey night in Kraftville. The annual Kraft-funded renovation of an old building as chosen by fans has visited Western PA a couple of times. This time, Elliot Lake, Ontario, is the host for a preseason game between the Ottawa Senators and your Pittsburgh Penguins.

Does anyone else hear Ryan Mill’s voice when they read “Your Pittsburgh Penguins?” Geez, I miss covering hockey games.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now: Uh oh. The worst team in the National League thumped Jared Jones and the Pirates’ relievers. It was a pretty epic drubbing of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

NHL Trade Talk, News & National Hockey Now

Florida Hockey Now: On the plus side, if or when Florida wins the Stanley Cup in Game 5, our George Richards will get to be in the building and locker room. George has been a staple of South Florida media for two (three?) decades. Edmonton absolutely drilled Florida in Game 4 to avoid the sweep–here’s what the Florida Panthers need to learn.

The Hockey Writers: Mark Scheig is a credentialed reporter who covers every bit of hockey between Erie and Columbus. While a few National Hockey Now writers have taken swings on the NHL trade chatter surrounding Laine, Scheig delivers the Columbus perspective on what it will cost.

Hint: it’s affordable.

Edmonton Journal: NHN buddy David Staples is always a good read. In the next couple of years, the Edmonton Oilers will need to sign their core three of Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and Evan Bouchard. Get this: it could cost $40 million a year.

That’s a wicked number, eh? I wonder if other free agents would take a bit less to go north to help McDavid win that Cup (assuming he doesn’t this season). Of course, the rub is they don’t have good sushi in Edmonton, so beware.

New Jersey Hockey Now: After my Laine piece, James Nichols and I chatted. Would he fit in Newark? James came to the conclusion that … heck no. Here’s why the New Jersey Devils should pass on Laine.

NYI Hockey Now: Russel Macias (our Duquesne alum) teed it up. The Islanders have been trying to break free from the middle for a while. They had some playoff success, but this season, they showed they’ve sagged to the mushy middle, even though they finished third. Laine on Long Island? Yes, please. The New York Islanders will take two scoops.

New Jersey Hockey Now: Is Calgary running with the Devils or not? Where’s this deal for goalie Jacob Markstrom? The draft is now less than two weeks away, and free agency is closing in. Are we going to see the Devils trade or not?

Chicago Hockey Now: Patrick Kane is a free agent this summer. Chicago won’t be bringing him back. Why?? It makes perfect sense, writes Nate Brown, for the Chicago Blackhawks to do it.