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Dan’s Daily: Trade Deadline Winners and the Crazy Stories



Zach Aston-reese pittsburgh penguins

Hopefully, you’ll forgive the later Dan’s Daily today. After nearly 18 hours of non-stop writing on Monday, even I was tired. The Pittsburgh Penguins and GM Ron Hextall probably hit a home run by acquiring Rickard Rakell, though they sacrificed depth. The New York Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes did well at the NHL trade deadline, but I’m not sure about the Washington Capitals. Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin got Marc-Andre Fleury, and Toronto GM Kyle Dubas chastised Chicago for leaking his interest in Fleury.

It was a fun day. I couldn’t resist twisting a few nipples of those who get so worked up. You should have seen the responses when I (seriously, but lightheartedly) suggested the Penguins look at Derick Brassard. It would have made great sense if not for Hextall’s drive to deep right field that hit the water. But I also knew the knee-jerk reactions were coming when I suggested a potential top-nine LW who makes only 825k, and I was here for it.

Just in case you’re catching up–here’s the Penguins trade.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Here’s the deadline story from the man who made it happen. Ron Hextall gave insights into his thought process on the deadline day and that he didn’t believe the Penguins would get something done until later Monday. Pittsburgh Penguins news.

Let’s be honest. As much as I think of Zach Aston-Reese and Dominik Simon–they’re great role players, and Aston-Reese is a fun dude to cover–this trade smacked a bit of giving up Colby Armstrong and Angelo Esposito for Marian Hossa. Players you will miss are traded for a much, much better player. Worry about losing Calle Clang only if Filip Lindberg, Joel Blomqvist, and Tyler Gauthier don’t pan out.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Here’s the critical analysis–How do the Penguins stack up in the Metro? The New York Rangers made big moves. Carolina and Washington made smaller moves. Did the balance of power shift in the Metro? This is the one I think you should read! Pittsburgh Penguins analysis.

Non-Trade Penguins News:

There was real hockey news, too.

Mark Friedman signed a two-year deal, and the dude can be funny. He had jokes as soon as he walked into the room on Monday.

PHN+: We have exclusive video of Brock McGinn skating. His legs look fine, but he’s clearly not close to returning. Have a look and get the story. Penguins injury updates:

If you think we did a good job with deadline coverage and provide more than the basic hockey coverage and analysis, I hope you’ll subscribe to PHN+. Now’s a great time because you’ll get more for your money later. Subscribe here!

NHL Trade Deadline News:

Chicago traded Marc-Andre Fleury to Minnesota. Fleury was in uniform Monday night as Minnesota played VEGAS! However, Fleury didn’t play. That would have been a story. However, imagine the team dinners with Fleury and Bill Guerin…

Here’s every NHL trade, even the late ones. Sportsnet.

Now to the good stuff…

And this is the trade that might not be…

Vegas: It’s too complicated to describe in a pithy sentence. Vegas traded Evgenii Dadonov to Anaheim in a salary dump, BUT…Anaheim is on Dadonov’s no-trade list. Vegas says, “What no-trade list?” Dadonov says, “this one!” Vegas said, “oh, that one, Ottawa didn’t give it to us, so it doesn’t count.” Ottawa says, “nuh-uh.”

And…scene. Read all about the maybe trade that could screw the Vegas Golden Knights.

Sportsnet: Kyle Dubas wasn’t mad, just disappointed in Chicago that his interest in Marc-Andre Fleury was public.

Vancouver Hockey Now: It was quiet in British Columbia. The “moronic” trade rumors are dead, and the Vancouver Canucks got what they wanted.

Montreal Hockey Now: The BIGGEST overpay at the NHL trade deadline was Colorado giving up a stud prospect and a No. 2 for Artturi Lehkonen. However, the Montreal Canadiens didn’t mind.

Boston Hockey Now: One of the more exciting little melodramas on Monday was Jake DeBrusk. He signed a new contract in hopes of getting traded. While some players fear their phones, DeBrusk was hoping for a ring. He had to face the media afterward, and he’s all in for the Boston Bruins, for now.

Washington Hockey Now: Let me tell you–Sammi Silber CRUSHED it in Washington on Monday. She was pumping out stories like a factory. The Capitals–as noted in my analysis–had a disappointing deadline. But Tom Wilson and others discussed how Twitter has affected their lives, especially on the NHL trade deadline. Washington Capitals news.

Here’s another interesting story out of Philly…

Philly: A rumor arose and quickly gathered traction. The rumor via respected podcast was that Giroux wanted a guarantee he could re-sign with Philadelphia this summer. GM Chuck Fletcher said no. So, Giroux said, fine, I’ll only accept a deal to Florida. True? The Philadelphia Flyers called BS.

NYI: Not only did the New York Islanders basically do nothing despite a rotten season, they dished contracts to guys in their mid-30s. New York Islanders news.

Oh, and Edmonton acquired Brassard…

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8 months ago

Wouldn’t call Rakell a home run. More like a ground-rule double. This team still lacks the physicality to survive the postseason meat-grinder. And the back line remains a fatal mistake waiting to happen. Rakell plus Deslauriers would have been a stand-up triple. (BTW, Deslauriers scored an impressive goal in his Wild debut.) Rakell plus Deslauriers plus Manson would have been a home run if no first-rounder was part of the deal. (BTW, Manson had 10 hits in his ‘Lanche debut.) At least the front office did something positive even if Hexie was asleep at the wheel until late in the… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Paul
Mike Donnelly
Mike Donnelly
8 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Dan: If I pay for a second subscriptions can I automatically give two negative reviews to some posts? Would be money happily (if not well) spent.

8 months ago
Reply to  Mike Donnelly

I take immense pride in negative feedback. Bring it on, brah!

SD Pens Fan
SD Pens Fan
8 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Paul as a GM, “Hey Anaheim, give us your best players and we will send our worst players to you. Deal?”

You really think Anaheim would have stayed on the line if Hextal asked for Rakell, Deslauriers, & Manson and offered less than a 1st round pick? What do your crayons taste like?

8 months ago

Do not mention the Hossa deal. At least do not remind us of similarities. I remember there was this flash game online (yeah, browsers supported flash) where you would compete with other Pens fans in who punches Hossa in the face most times when he went to Detroit a year later. I was pretty good in button bashing. Let’s hope this deal doesn’t come with the same results.

Ujn Hunter
8 months ago

What happened to Vegas, eh? Start off as darlings in the NHL after Expansion… then make some weird moves to replace their successful coach and then the Face of the Franchise without ever notifying him… going out and trying to get every big name player out there… possibly trying to pull a Kuch to the cap… now possibly weaseling out of a contract that also would have been shutdown instantly had they notified said player of a trade? I’m kind of hoping they miss the playoffs this year… wouldn’t that be some karma?