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Dan’s Daily: Latest UFA News & Rumors, Penguins Debate



Vegas Golden Knights, Stanley Cup, NHL trade talk, and Pittsburgh Penguins news

We had a lot of Pittsburgh Penguins coverage Wednesday. From Tom Barrasso finally getting into the Hockey Hall of Fame, to a closer look at the name most often tied to the Penguins at the draft, to examining if president of hockey operations Kyle Dubas should re-open trade talks for J.T. Miller, we delivered plenty to chew on. Also in the Daily, the latest unrestricted free agent news and NHL trade rumors, will the Philly Flyers trade up or down at the Draft, and the Washington Capitals have an interesting chip, too.

On the longest day of the year, we had a pretty good motorcycle ride. I tell you because, of course, this is the PHN hockey news and travel blog. Though lunch was a little awkward. Since I always try to find an interesting spot to eat, and it was a Tuesday (which in the mountains usually means everything is closed), I had a little diner all to myself. They didn’t even turn on the lights for me? But it’s a cute breakfast/lunch spot in Titusville if you’re ever up that way before 2 p.m. It was that or Little Caesars. Then I zipped down to Franklin to do some writing in the park. Some days, I’d rather be anywhere but home!

Pittsburgh Penguins / Steelers, Pirates:

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Tom Barrasso, come on down! Tommy B finally made it into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Penguins’ draft table should be interesting. Trades and several first-round targets could make for a dramatic night. One player we know the Penguins met with at the NHL Combine and who would be an interesting choice (and here’s why) is Nate Danielson.

And, the responses I got to this column last night were, umm, interesting. Social media certainly creates intellectual homogeny. Should Dubas re-open Penguins trade talks for J.T. Miller?

The number of people who wanted Vancouver to retain salary was a bit frightening. You don’t get an 80-90 point scorer in his prime for $4 million. That’s not how this works, but who am I to stand in the way of that dream?

Steelers Now:

So, what’s the holdup signing the top three Steelers draft picks?

All 90 (our series previewing the training camp roster) takes a hard look at Mitch Trubisky.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

The first two Ben Cherrington prospects hit the diamond this month. After a few years of building, this tree is starting to bear fruit. John Perrotto takes a swing, and if you want to know what’s on the way in the near future — check out this piece on the Pirates’ prospects.

The Pirates seem intent on losing every game for the rest of June. It’s an interesting strategy, Cotton. They had two hits yesterday and lost to the Cubbies, 8-3. The Pittsburgh Pirates freefall.

The good news is that Ji-Man Choi will begin his rehab assignment soon.

NHL Trade Rumors, News & National Hockey Now:

Sportsnet: From Adin Hill to Patrick Kane and Ryan O’Reilly, the latest news and rumors on the pending UFAs.

Adin Hill is the dude I’m watching. Personally, he reminds me of a younger Seth Rogen, with an easy laugh and joy about what he’s doing. You know, the Zach and Miri era Seth. I’m curious if someone is going to pay him like a true starting goalie or if teams line up to pay him like a great backup who just won the Cup, say $3.5 million?

Philly Hockey Now: Trade up or down at the NHL Draft? GM Daniel Briere has options for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Washington Hockey Now: I forgot Connor Brown was a member of the Capitals. The dude can chip in 20 goals from the middle six, but he’s been injured. Teams are calling, including the Edmonton Oilers. The latest Capitals trade rumors.

NYI Hockey Now: Scott Mayfield reluctantly faces the possibility of not returning to the New York Islanders.

**Florida Hockey Now: Spencer Knight, who was in the NHL player assistance program, returned to the ice and WILL return to the Florida Panthers.

Detroit Hockey Now: Not many GMs have been able to build or sustain through the draft quite like Steve Yzerman. So, when he talks about draft strategy, it pays to listen. Yzerman dished on the Detroit Red Wings strategy.

Colorado Hockey Now: Sneaky trade targets and second-line center options. They’re the theme of the season and dominating the Colorado Avalanche offseason.

LA Hockey Now: The LA Kings are trying to rebuild. And trying to win now. Our Austin Stanovich takes them to task — you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. The LA Kings conundrum.