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Dan’s Daily: Fleury Talks Retirement, Tom Wilson Franchise Opens in Pittsburgh



PIttsburgh Penguins, Marc-Andre Fleury, NHL Trade Chatter, Tom Wilson

File this under a pair of headlines you didn’t expect to read on a Saturday morning. Washington Capitals tough guy Tom Wilson owns a boxing club in Washington D.C., and the first franchise outlet will be right here in Pittsburgh. Marc-Andre Fleury talked about the end of his career, the Pittsburgh Penguins have a new helmet sponsor, and we looked at the remaining PTOs still looking for a deal before training camps start.

And Jimmy Murphy updated the NHL trade market chatter surrounding Jack Eichel and P.K. Subban.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Penguins have a new helmet sponsor, which is aptly named.

TSN: Sidney Crosby expounded on his wrist surgery just a bit. He confirmed what we know–he doesn’t expect to miss much time, and surgery was the last resort. 

PHN+: There are a few remaining PTO candidates who could help the Pittsburgh Penguins, but the time to sign is this weekend before camp. Here are the top four. 

And–We’re 1-0 with our Pittsburgh Steelers predictions. John Perrotto is handling our sports betting outlooks. DraftKings is offering a $200 payout with a $1 bet. Here’s Perrotto’s preview, odds, and predictions of the Raiders-Steelers. 

DraftKings Sportsbook

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NHL Trade Rumors, News & National Hockey Now

Boston: “The chatter has picked up. Pat Brisson has a lot more juice,” a source told Jimmy Murphy about the NHL trade rumors surrounding Jack Eichel, though another source downplayed P.K. Subban chatter. 

RMNB: Tom Wilson once said the last place he would own real estate is in Pittsburgh. Instead, the boxing club of which he’s an investor is opening its first franchise…in Pittsburgh.

Lace ’em up.

Sportsnet: The headline from Sportsnet was a bit tricky. Former Pittsburgh Penguins goalie (and former NHL-trade rumoree) and current Chicago Blackhawks netminder Marc-Andre Fleury talked retirement and conceded this could be his last season. He laughed as he said it, but–Fleury knows the end is near.

Toronto Sun: Scratch one of the PTOs off our list. The Toronto Maple Leafs invited Nikita Gusev into camp for a tryout. 

TSN: The 2022 NHL Draft will be in Montreal–with fans and media IN ATTENDANCE

The raging Delta variant means I still take these future plans with a grain of salt until we get past 80 or 90% vaccination rates (I’ll leave the necessary level to experts & scientists). We thought his stuff would be over by now, but here we are, though it is nice to make future plans.

Also as part of the media days in Chicago, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said he expected the salary cap to rise by $1 million next season.

Detroit: The Red Wings made the goalie moves this summer. Bob Duff looks at three times the Detroit Red Wings goalie moves worked…and three that did NOT. 

Let’s be honest–the did NOT work stories are more fun.

Colorado: The takeaways from the Colorado Avalanche rookie camp tournament.

Vancouver: The Vancouver Canucks rookie camp brought some battle drills and highlights. I love me some battle drills…

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1 year ago

Raging delta variant…how dramatic. Why are they bringing all these people in from Afghanistan and letting hundreds of thousands cross the border all untested and not vaccinated. Why are people in the private sector being required to get vaccinated yet people in government don’t have to. Why are there videos all over the place of public officials requiring these rules out partying in large groups and not wearing a mask. Wake up dude

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1 year ago
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(Comment deleted to avoid yet another COVID debate). –PHN strongly urges all readers to get the vaccine to avoid hospital overcrowding, protect family and children, and to greatly slow the spread COVID-19. Please and thanks–PHN staff.

1 year ago
Reply to  RJ87

Assuming you’re talking about politicians as far as people in government since government workers will have a choice between the shot and a weekly test just like private workers. Doesn’t matter if I like it or not it is what it is… But I did get both shots before rule went into effect. Can’t stand Tom Wilson so whatever with that news. Unfortunately I am in MD but if I wasn’t in terrible shape in addition to a drop foot I rather go to a boxing club not owned by Wilson(my uncle owned a boxing gym before he passed in… Read more »