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Dan’s Daily: Goalies Wanted on NHL Trade Block, McDavid’s Oilers are Lost



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The Pittsburgh Penguins will finish the second of their back-to-backs Friday in Columbus. I’m considering going to Columbus mainly for the ride back in which there are a couple of White Castles. More bad luck befell the Penguins on Thursday, but that seems par for this course. The Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers are adrift at sea without answers or hope. It seems there are plenty of forwards with term and salary available on the NHL trade market, but what do teams want?

There ain’t no doubt about it. Baby got to go and shout it: goalies.

This week, the Penguins almost had a full roster. For crying out loud, Jason Zucker must feel all revved up and no place to go. He thought he was out of the frying pan. The Penguins are down to two goalies, but two out of three ain’t bad? (Are you picking up the theme yet?)

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Penguins added Jason Zucker and goalie Louis Domingue to the IR on Thursday afternoon. Head coach Mike Sullivan later updated Zucker’s condition. More bad luck for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In training camp, Domingue had the Eye of the Tiger. I root for guys who have been through the wringer to get a shot (Tommy Maddox remains my favorite Steelers QB. Sue me). I was equally fascinated with the Penguins management’s potential handling. The Penguins injury bug is more contagious than chickenpox.

PHN+: The Penguins were cruising. Mike Matheson had a pair of goals and three points. The team had a 5-1 lead but survived for a 6-4 win over the Ottawa Senators. The lingering issues, Mike Sullivan’s straight talk, and the Penguins report card.

NHL Trade Talk

TSN: The Insiders report Edmonton kicked tires on Joonas Korpisalo. Marc-Andre Fleury remains a shadowy possibility on the NHL trade block. Teams want goalies.

Washington Hockey Now: The Capitals (should) could be on the market for a netminder. Sammi Silber laid out some options for the Washington Capitals.

Sportsnet: Jeff Marek listed 10 of the most interesting NHL trade candidates in a new column called Rink Fries (as long he doesn’t call it Press Box Nachos, we’re cool). Here are the interesting names to watch.

Detroit Hockey Now: What to do with Vladislav Namestnikov? Sign, trade, or nothing–what will the Detroit Red Wings do?

Montreal: Jeff Gorton and new GM Kent Hughes are getting settled. It will be a couple of weeks before trades start filling the headlines. But the Bruins need what the Montreal Canadiens have.

NHL News & National Hockey Now:

Philly: The Pittsburgh Penguins most hated rival (?) have now lost 10 in a row after a 2-1 loss on home ice to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The countdown to the end has begun for the Philadelphia Flyers.

It’s been a while since the Flyers had two 10-game losing streaks in one season.

Sportsnet: No goalies, no goaltending, no answers. The Edmonton Oilers look lost.

Boston: Some controversy in Boston. After sparring with the Carolina Hurricanes over the last couple of days, Brad Marchand was injured in what folks in Boston consider a dirty hit by Garnet Hathaway. It was a rough game–Tom Wilson also did some damage to the Boston Bruins.

Washington: Despite Washington’s physicality, they lost. That helps the Pittsburgh Penguins hold onto third place, too. Get the other story as the Bruins beat the Washington Capitals.

Vancouver: Injuries and COVID handed out some lemons. Two former third-round picks who failed to crack the NHL beyond cups of coffee are now the goalies de Vancouver Canucks.

Calgary: It’s go time. Coach Darryl Sutter is not one to waste words. He’s kind of the John Wick of NHL head coaches, with a different accent. He says February and March will decide the Calgary Flames season.

Overnight, Marvin Lee Aday, better known as Meat Loaf, passed away at age 74. I always preferred most of Bat Out of Hell II to the original. And I always thought this was his best, though I accept I’m in a small minority. Fare thee well.


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10 months ago

Rest in Peace Meat! But holy crap Dan you have unearthed one (Bat Out of Hell–ishly) cheesy song and an even cheesier video!!!

10 months ago

I think it can be expected that the team is going to cool down from the pace they were setting over the last few weeks. So with a few losses sprinkled in lately and sloppy play a big part of that I am not shocked . . . but. The franchise refuses to address the annual season problem . .. they do not hold up very well with physical play and their ability to keep the net front clear of larger net crashing forwards is mediocre. As a franchise they continue to do the same things over and over again… Read more »


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10 months ago

…in death he has a name, and that name is ‘Meat Loaf’


White Castle off I70 in Ohio? do tell!!

Tom P
Tom P
10 months ago

Philly has been so bad this year, that I almost don’t hate them anymore, but, rather, feel sorry for them.

I’d consider the Capitals our most hated rival. And, true to form, I see that they laid not one, but two, dirty hits in their game last night. Another day ending in “Y”.


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