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Oddsmaker Predicts Penguins, Metro and Stanley Cup



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There is considerable hand-wringing and worry about missing the playoffs in the Pittsburgh Penguins fanbase. The team lurched toward a more responsible, faster and tougher game this summer. Will they have enough offense with a defensive blue line, new additions Alex Galchenyuk and Brandon Tanev, and without Phil Kessel?

At least one oddsmaker has posted his updated 2020 predictions. Penguins fans may like where Jeff Sherman of Super Book places the team, at least in the regular season.

As of July 22, Sherman placed the Pittsburgh Penguins with fellow disappointed 2019 Stanley Cup hopefuls San Jose Sharks and Winnipeg Jets as 25-1 dark horses for the Stanley Cup. That places the Penguins near the mid-pack. There are 11 teams with better odds including the Washington Capitals at 20-1.

Of course, last season the Penguins were summarily dismissed from the playoffs in just four games by the Metro Division rival, New York Islanders. Four Metro rivals are slotted just behind the Penguins in the released odds. The Islanders, New York Rangers, Carolina Hurricanes and the New Jersey Devils are all 30-1 shots to hoist Lord Stanley’s prize.

Philadelphia is a 50-1 shot and Columbus is a 100-1 long shot. Ottawa is 500-1.

In the Metro Division, Sherman set the Penguins over/under point total at 95.5, which if it came true would put the Penguins in the playoffs as second place in the Metro Division.

We should note, the Stanley Cup odds and over/under totals are less of a prediction and more of a betting enticement designed to get equal money on both sides of the bet.

The Metro Divisions point total over/under totals are:

Washington: 97.5

Pittsburgh: 95.5

New York Islanders: 94.5

Carolina: 94.5

Philadelphia: 90.5

New York Rangers: 88.5

New Jersey: 88.5

Columbus 82.5

The Playoff Seedings based on over/under


Tampa Bay: 108.5

Toronto: 102.5

Boston: 100.5





Wild Card:

Florida: 96.5







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