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Top 5 All-Time Penguins-Flyers Moments

Have you ever seen the Flyers win the Cup?




Sorry, just had to make sure I was in playoff form and got all of the dust off of the keyboard in time to write a little bit. As anyone that has ever watched hockey knows, the Penguins are going for something special and they are only 16 games away.

In celebration, here are my top five Penguins-Flyers moments.

5. Standing Ovation in Philly

On March 2nd, 1993 Mario Lemieux returned from his cancer treatments and came with the team to Philadelphia. What he got when he took the ice is something he will never forget — a standing ovation.

Rivalries are fun, but there is something about hockey that brings us all together, and Flyers fans reminded everyone of what really matters, during that game.

4. 2008 Eastern Conference Finals

There is no one play that sticks out in this but literally a series in which the Pittsburgh Penguins overmatched their opponents in a 4-1 series.

If you have to chose, Game 5 was particularly embarrassing for the Flyers, losing 6-0.

I am hoping for a few 6-0 Penguins wins this series.

3. Best Player in The World

Do I even need to explain this? Remember when a national audience watched Sidney Crosby pass the baton to Claude Giroux?

No? Me neither.


2. 2012 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

Crosby fought Giroux, Kris Letang dropped the gloves with Kimmo Timonen and years later we are still talking about how crazy the series was.

One could literally dedicate an article just on that series. Oh wait, we did–Here’s Matt Gajtka’s piece from Penguins locker room. And look, the Flyers need something from the 2000s to brag about since we all know they absolutely do not have a Stanley Cup.

1. Shhh…

I will forever think of Max Talbot and see this image. On April 25, 2009, during the Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, Talbot dropped the gloves with Daniel Carrillo.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing. As Flyers fans were cheering their player, Talbot literally hushed the crowd. Less than 30 seconds after, the Penguins were awakened.

As anyone that pays attention to hockey knows, that season the Penguins went on to dance with Lord Stanley.

So there it is. While we are hoping for a three-peat, the Flyers are just hoping to make it past the first round.

But seriously, have you ever seen the Flyers win a Cup?