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Dan’s Daily: CBJ Beats Islanders, Sidney Crosby Knows Playoffs



Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin

The Pittsburgh Penguins are embroiled in the playoff fight of their lives. Unlike any year in the past 17, they face a legitimate challenge and the possibility of being at home watching the Stanley Cup playoff. They’ve lost five of six yet played very well in their last three. As Shelly Anderson writes, Sidney Crosby knows the hard truth about making the playoffs. Dave Molinari took the Penguins to task for failing to earn wins when they outplayed their opponents.

Also in the Daily, The New York Islanders rallied for a point but lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Florida Panthers have lost two in a row and badly need a win. TSN debates if Auston Matthews is the best player in the Eastern Conference, Joe Biden told Canadians he likes their sports teams except for the Maple Leafs, and will Matt Murray start Game 1 for the Maple Leafs?

I told this little story on Twitter. My cab driver to the Love Airport in Dallas was named Harry. I couldn’t resist. I said, “Harry! Through too many miles and too little smiles, I still remember you.”

He didn’t get it. We just sat in awkward silence for the rest of the ride.

I’m a hit at parties, too.

It feels very good to be home. The Penguins have to be a little discombobulated by the travel. Sure, they fly chartered jets and have plenty of space and don’t have bouncy-legged jagaloons with giant backpacks sitting beside them whilst waiting for turbulence to subside to drink the quarter cup of ginger ale, but it’s still hard getting through all of those cities.

Also, you’re probably aware that two of our young writers were poached by competition hoping to compete with National Hockey Now (that company is even copying some of our benchmark content like the Weekend Wrap. It’s irritating and pathetic at the same time). I’ve made offers to some big-name talent in New York and think we’ve found the next up-and-coming writer in Washington, but we ask a lot of our writers, and it’s not for everybody. We’ll see. But for the moment, we’re short on Capitals and Islanders content.

Pittsburgh Penguins:

WPXI: Watch me debate and discuss the Penguins’ goaltending and blue line with Phil Bourque. It’s the Overtime segment of 11 on the Ice, WPXI. The show airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. Please watch. Here’s the online segment.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The playoffs. You’ve seen the Penguins captain elevate his play to another level over the last week. It’s go-time. The hard truth about the playoffs, Sidney Crosby knows.

PHN+: Dave Molinari writes that if you’re encouraged by the Penguins’ recent play, you can also be exasperated. A good read — Penguins opinion.

If you missed the PHN YouTube chat from Dallas, it’s only on YouTube, not the website — here it is from the world-famous celebrity resort and spa known as the Sleep Inn Dallas. Penguins Q&A.

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Penguins Playoff Race, NHL News & National Hockey Now:

Florida Hockey Now: Two straight losses after a hot streak. George Richards writes the Florida Panthers need a win. Badly.

NY Post: The Islanders are getting insecure in the playoff race after an OT loss to CBJ.

NBC Washington: They’re getting a little bit excited in Washington. Finally healthy, the Capitals flexed against Chicago.

The Penguins continue to hold the second wild card, one point ahead of Florida and four points ahead of Washington with one game in hand.

How big is tonight’s game?

Sportsnet: Joe Biden said he’d like to stay in Canada (take Trump, too?). He also said he likes Canadian sports teams, except for the Leafs.

Colorado Hockey Now: The Avalanche are gaining ground in the Central. Cale Makar is back.

Calgary Hockey Now: Look for big changes this summer. Chemistry seems like a real issue for the Calgary Flames.