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Dan’s Daily: Babcock Accusations Rebutted; Penguins Get After It



Pittsburgh Penguins practice, NHL news, Mike Babcock allegations

The Tomas Tatar to the Pittsburgh Penguins speculation crashed and burned Tuesday when our colleague Evan Rawal noted Tatar was at the Colorado Avalanche captain’s skate and the team announced a contract. The boys at Spittin’ Chiclets put the Columbus Blue Jackets and coach Mike Babcock on the defensive Tuesday with serious allegations that he overstepped his authority to review pictures on players’ phones. And we have some insights and analysis as the Penguins were getting after it in an unofficial team scrimmage with the players participating in the captain’s scrimmage.

It was a great deal of fun to watch the Penguins scrimmage on Tuesday. It’s been several days since I was able to get to the rink, but as one Penguins employee quipped, “Face it, summer is over.”

Also, Magnus Hellberg might be the biggest goalie I’ve ever seen. I thought Tommy Nappier was a big boy, but Hellberg is a giant.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: I planned to do a Q&A Tuesday, but instead, I offered some insights on what I saw from the Penguins’ unofficial practice. Who looks good, whose first step is in off-season form, and who could quickly shape positive opinions? More from the Penguins practice.

Steelers Now:

After Diontae Johnson was injured, the Steelers added a speedy WR. Get the Steelers news.

Please, please go away. Antonio Brown tried to tease a Steelers return.

SN+: We can all agree–it stunk. But here’s the breakdown–WHY the Steelers offense stunk on “weighty downs”.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now:

Perhaps a name you should know — He’s making the most of his big-league opportunity. Hello, Joshua Polacios.

Palacios had a big night with a HR and big-time throw to the plate. The Buccos won, 5-1. Here’s the down-and-dirty, important details only, quickie Pirates recap.

John Perrotto says that Ke’Bryan Hayes is correct. Umpires can be replaced. Check out this heavyweight Pirates opinion.

…I despised the idea of robot umps, but Hayes made a good case. He definitely gave me good reason to question my opinion.

NHL News & National Hockey Now:

Sportsnet: The Spittin’ Chiclets crew leveled a pretty big accusation at Blue Jackets coach Mike Babcock; that the coach inappropriately made players show the pictures on their phone. Paul Bissonnette is sticking by the story and doubled down, claiming first-hand confirmation even as players are saying he got it wrong. It’s a serious deal. Here’s the story.

It was split about 60/40 for Bissonnette in the scientifically unscientific poll. I really hope it’s a big misunderstanding

Colorado Hockey Now: Get the contract details and full story. Tomas Tatar has signed with the Colorado Avalanche.

CHN+: Yes, PHN+ readers can read this paywall story. The great subscription unification is almost complete. Subscribe to one, get us all. NHL Scouts discussed Tatar with Rawal and what the player will bring to the Avalanche lineup.

Buffalo Hockey Now: The Penguins have an older prospects roster for this weekend’s tourney in Buffalo. Here is the Sabres roster they’ll face.

**Nashville Hockey Now: Hmm– Which player did Ryan Reaves fear? This former Nashville Predators scrapper.

Carolina Hockey Now: Keiffer Bellows will have a chance to earn an NHL job. The forlorn prospect signed a PTO with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Montreal Hockey Now: Noted Canadiens pugilist and fan favorite Arber Xhekaj (aka Wifi) discussed his HockeyFights opponents in the Atlantic Division. Check out this Montreal Canadiens feature.

Boston Hockey Now: This is a really big deal in Boston, and our Jimmy Murphy had a hand in the selection. The top 100 Boston Bruins of all time.