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Dan’s Daily: Revenge Games; Fighting Lessons; Penguins Path Forward



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It is no great admission that the Pittsburgh Penguins Development Camp is not exactly a fan-friendly affair as the boys go through power skating drills and skills practice. The 11 people in the stands confirmed that much on Monday, but the squads may do some battle drills today and will scrimmage on Wednesday. In the meantime, it was beneficial to lay out the youth movement and the projected and possible 2025-26 (not the 2024-25) Penguins lines to see where the team stands. The Penguins Russian goalie prospect has a big decision coming in the next few days, too.

Elsewhere in the Daily, Sportsnet found the 10 best revenge games this season, TSN has the worst UFA contracts signed on July 1, and Georges Laroque is giving fighting lessons for Metro Division tough guys.

Yesterday was Florida Hockey Now’s fourth anniversary. I don’t know where time has gone. George Richards (Florida) and Sheng Peng (San Jose) are our last OGs, as the world and media consumption are changing rapidly. Amazingly, we launched a media business in the heart of the pandemic. What the hell were we thinking?!

Sitting at Penguins camp Monday made me quite grateful for where we are. It was nice to sit beside Nick Hart, the play-by-play voice of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, and not worry that one of us could spread a nasty little bug that could have devastating effects (or none at all). It’s nice to be around people without care and able to talk about hockey.

And before some of you rush to comment and inject politics, nope. Hold onto your beliefs for the next one. We’ll rehash and discuss the proper and the mistakes then. On Monday, as I remembered recruiting George and others for this insane idea while basically locked in my apartment drinking shower beers because I had nothing to do all day, it was a moment to enjoy the real world and all of its faults. I can’t believe how far we’ve come.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: We had a little fun during Development Camp. With all of the prospects on the ice and Penguins president of hockey operations/GM Kyle Dubas openly declaring a youth movement, what will the Penguins lines look like in a year? It was a little bit eye-opening, and the Penguins have a glut of one type of player, so take a look at both the possible and the probable 2025-26 Penguins lineup.

PHN+: Sergei Murashov. The Russian goalie prospect has posted significant numbers in the KHL and MHL, but he has a big decision to make in the coming few days. He brightly smiled when I asked which goalies he looked up to. And the Penguins’ new minor league philosophy mirrors their new draft philosophy. There are genuine changes the Penguins rebuild.

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NHL Free Agency, New, & National Hockey Now

Sportsnet: There were several franchise stalwarts and fan favorites who were unceremoniously punted away during free agency. When will Stamkos visit Tampa Bay, and Marchessault go back to Vegas? The best revenge games on the NHL calendar this season.

TSN: The good, the bad, and the really ugly. Travis Yost examines who got a steal and which UFA contracts will seemingly end very badly, at least according to the numbers.

Buffalo Hockey Now: Why do you care about the Sabres first-round pick? Because it was the pick that the Penguins would have had without the Erik Karlsson trade. So, here’s more on what could have been for the Penguins and the new Sabres prospect.

Philly Hockey Now: I don’t know what to make of this story. Dillan Dube, one of the five 2018 Team Canada members charged with sexual assault, signed with the KHL. Carter Hart could do the same.

Russia and Russian hockey is a different planet.

Chicago Hockey Now: It’s no surprise that one guy powered the Chicago Blackhawks’ offense last season, and they’re hoping to change that this season. Will it remain all Connor Bedard?

Colorado Hockey Now: Speaking of Russia and the Wild West, there was the mysterious incident last year between Valeri Nichushkin and a woman in a Seattle hotel room. Questions were largely unanswered, and it went away. Nichuskin opened up to a Russian journalist about the story and a lot more. The Colorado Avalanche can’t be happy.

And this can’t be good for anyone in the Metro.

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4 days ago

I know I shouldn’t but I like Rempe. I loved how he pushed the Capitals around in the playoffs..Scored more goals the Ov also.

Ujn Hunter
Ujn Hunter
3 days ago

Of course, because sexual assault doesn’t exist in Russia, obviously.