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Pittsburgh Penguins Reverse Retro Jerseys Land Tomorrow



Pittsburgh Penguins reverse retro jerseys

And….here we go. Adidas’s long-teased leaked and debated Pittsburgh Penguins reverse retro jerseys will land on Monday just in time for holiday shoppers. The Penguins fourth sweater will join the mustard bottle yellow alternate sweaters and the traditional Penguins black and white home and road collection.

UPDATE: The jerseys have been revealed. Click here for the full story. 

Leaked on Oct. 19 by Icethetics, the website covering jerseys, found a trove of jerseys for sale on eBay from an Indonesian seller, where Addidas makes the NHL sweaters.

There were fake San Jose Shark sweaters floating around on the internet, and the Sharks President called them out. However, the Penguins reverse retro sweaters picked up some steam when the Pittsburgh Penguins declined to comment on unofficial news.

The Adidas Penguins reverse retro jerseys will land on Monday amid much hype and promotion. The NHL could use a revenue boost after spending nearly $90 million to “bubble” the NHL playoffs in Edmonton and Toronto without fan attendance. Not only did the NHL postseason cost the league money, the loss of attendance revenue further crippled the league’s economics.

Estimates in 2014 placed NHL revenues from jersey sales at $400 million.

As part of the retro jersey drop on Monday, several teams are reaching into NHL history past. The Colorado Avalanche appears ready to adopt a Quebec Nordiques logo but in a mix of Avalanche red and Nordique blue colors.

The Penguins script logo, which cuts diagonally across the torso, is a throwback to the mid-1990s Penguins sweaters, which the team adopted after back-to-back Stanley Cup championships in 1991-92. The jerseys were also made famous by rapper Snoop Dogg who wore one in the iconic 1994 Gin and Juice music video.

The NHL season is still on track to begin on Jan. 1, and plans for the upcoming season could be released on Thursday. Current estimates place the NHL season between 48 and 72 games with an all-Canadian division because of border-crossing quarantine issues.

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1 year ago

I hope its better than the previous efforts. I miss the ccm days and the pens distinctive triangles over the hips . Reebok ruined the look in the name of “aerodynamics “ and after a year or two the refs started allowing interference again so it didn’t matter anyway how much wind resistance they had

1 year ago

I guess in some sense this is a “hockey” story although it is much closer to a merchandising campaign. So it goes along with covering all things Penguin. And all things considered hockey needs all the income it can generate. I suspect teams may be holding bake sales and raffles not far down the road. Hopefully the players inside those retro jerseys do not drift back too far in the “retro” play of the 70’s and 80’s.

Steve Malik
Steve Malik
1 year ago


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