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Dan’s Daily: The Mess in Vegas, Penguins are Juiced



Pittsburgh Penguins, Jake Guentzel, Sidney Crosby

It might take a day to two to adjust to a Daily not chock-full of nutrients and NHL trade rumors. We’ll just have to soldier on with hockey content as the Pittsburgh Penguins engine is beginning to turn. They dispatched the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday night and looked very good in the process. The Carolina Hurricanes won, but the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals lost. And there is Tim Burton-style mess in Vegas with a team in freefall and a trade that is still, yes still, in limbo.

Sportsnet had damning information not necessarily to Vegas disorganization but to just how complicated the mess will be to sort.

Sportsnet: Evgenii Dadonov, the NHL trade still counting hanging chads. It appears Dadonov indeed correctly filed the paperwork affirming his no-trade list, but both the league and Vegas didn’t know. What the?

I apologize for the 22-year-old political humor.

Wait, no, I don’t.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Pittsburgh Penguins were clicking on all cylinders. Brian Boyle was all over the Columbus Blue Jackets, Sidney Crosby and Jake Guentzel filled the net, and Rickard Rakell’s debut was a smashing win. Pittsburgh Penguins game.

PHN+: “It gives me juice…I’ll tell you that,” Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan said. He seemed to be just a little more enthusiastic on Tuesday night. Sullivan physically leaned into the answer and smiled broadly. Rakell and his best buddy Marcus Pettersson also spoke to the media. Get the full story in their words– Penguins postgame.

PHN+: Speaking of Boyle, he was injured in a fight with newly acquired Nathan Beaulieu earlier this season. Despite the perils, Boyle is firm that fighting belongs in the game. Brian Boyle speaks.

NHL News & National Hockey Now:

Can we discuss free agency rumors yet? We’ll start with the Metro Division.

Washington Hockey Now: The Capitals could not keep pace on Wednesday night. They were undisciplined sloppy, and they lost to the St. Louis Blues. Washington Capitals takeaways.

CanesCountry: The Carolina Hurricanes lost four in a row and were reeling just a bit, but they managed to end their streak against one of the best teams in the NHL–the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Carolina remained three points ahead of the Penguins with one game in hand.

BlueShirtsBanter: The New Jersey Devils ripped through Igor Shesterkin on Tuesday. That surely doesn’t happen often. New Jersey beat the Rags 7-4.

Philly Hockey Now: The Flyers dropped their 13th straight road game. 13?! Rasmus Ristolainen took the blame. Philadelphia Flyers stink postgame.

The Rest of the NHL:

Vegas Hockey Now: Oh boy. Not only is the Dadonov trade looking iffy, so are the playoffs. Vegas lost…AGAIN. The playoffs are slipping away. Vegas Golden Knights takeaways.

Boston Hockey Now: Fear the Bruins? Joe Haggerty thinks so. They got exactly what they needed (and have been chasing for two years) at the NHL trade deadline. Yes, fear the Boston Bruins.

Montreal Hockey Now: I thought the biggest overpay at the trade deadline was Colorado giving up a very good prospect (Justin Barron) and a second-round pick for Artturi Lehkonen. I liked Lehkonen, but maybe not that much. Marco D’Amico tracked down Barron’s coach for a detailed look at the prospect and new prize of the Montreal Canadiens system.

Detroit: For those of you into the exciting rookie crop, here is proof that none are more dynamic than Red Wings defenseman Mo Seider.

San Jose: OK, a little bit of NHL trade chatter. Our Sheng Peng continues his TV gig with NBC Sports Bay Area. The Sharks will make a few offseason trades, so which goalie gets dealt, will they keep Nick Bonino (Bonino, Bonino, Boooninoooooo), and will they sign Alexander Barabonov? San Jose Sharks analysis.

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8 months ago

Hextall pulled a Royal Flush Ace at the last second. Not only by getting Rakell but yes by dumping ZAR and Simon. No offense I wish those two the best but Pittsburgh is now definitely better by subtracting those two . Especially Simon. Hextall intervened in an addiction and found someone to take him , great move. Maybe we will see O’Connor on the 4th line at some point. This team has been improved both in potency and in psyche. I have gone from cynic to optimist and can’t wait to see if Rakell fits with Malkin but I believe… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  Dan Kingerski

I went from seeing a 1st Round exit to an instant elation the moment I heard the trade. Very impressed with Hextall patience, acumen. and ability to pull victory from the Jaws of defeat. Have you ever heard of getting a player for a Conditional 7th Round Pick , and the Conditions are unbelievable. You know my opinion on Simon , not the player or human being , but the metaphor for Sullivan’s personality trait of stubbornness and tendencies. So Hextall moving him is a great bonus for me, wonder if Sullivan was informed prior? ZAR yes they might miss… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Katz
8 months ago
Reply to  Katz

I’d be happy if 67 fits with 77.

Dorothy Tecklenburg
Dorothy Tecklenburg
8 months ago

I got the chad reference. I’m old.