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Penguins Trade Proposals From Fans; Grading the Work



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The Pittsburgh Penguins trade deadline plans remain shrouded in secrecy, cloaked in darkness and perhaps encrypted upon tiny microchips hidden in a dog collar of GM Ron Hextall’s neighbor. However, that hasn’t stopped Penguins fans from circling their desired targets.

To join the fun, PHN invited readers to submit their trade proposals for our review. Perhaps fortunately, we asked for trade proposals before the Penguins took a 7-2 dirt nap against the Edmonton Oilers, looking slow, old, and washed up in the process.

And before fans chanted “Fire Hextall.”

And before I wrote a fairly scathing column advocating Hextall either take a big swing or sell. In fairness, if we had asked for proposals today, there would be a lot of players for picks. And I might agree.

A few things became certain from the proposals. First, you think the Penguins can trade Kasperi Kapanen, and you love everything that the Anaheim Ducks have to offer.

And a few assets they probably won’t offer, at least not right now. There was quite a bit of repetition. You like Anaheim, Chicago, and Vancouver.

I’ll answer a few proposals broadly. I think a lot of yinz underestimated Brock Boeser’s value significantly. Just because Jim Rutherford outbid everyone for Kapanen doesn’t mean he would do it again.

I don’t believe Kapanen has a positive trade value in this cap-strapped world, but I do believe a “get” like Adam Henrique would qualify as significant.

So, here we go. Your trades and GM Dan’s analysis.

GM Dan says: That’s probably market value to move Carter, but this falls flat on several levels. First, Arizona won’t take Carter because he’s a 35+ contract, and he’s not injured (meaning they have to pay him). Second, do you really want Bjugstad as the third-line center? Nobody championed him more than I, but ultimately he’s not the type that will elevate the third line.

Also, I know the Canadian media is all over Vejmelka, but the guy no one is talking about — and should be — is Connor Ingram. He’s been a monster since finding his sea legs in December. He’s had a rough start to his career since being a heralded Nashville prospect, but he’s been tracking the puck like a bloodhound this year. He’s up to a .913 save percentage behind a relatively undermanned Coyotes team.


GM Dan: Well, that’s not bad. It’s probably too far tilted in the Ducks’ favor and too rich for the Penguins’ blood. However, Dumoulin’s elevated play makes him a bit more valuable to the Penguins.

Make it a No. 2, and let’s fiddle with the veteran salary, but nice job, Homey36.

GM Dan: Please don’t run with scissors.

GM Dan: Salary cap, Chris. Salary cap. You’re offering a No. 1, 2, 3, and 5, plus Jeff Carter and Kasperi Kapanen for Chicago’s two crown jewels. In addition to running afoul of Mr. Bettman’s accountants, you’re a bit light on Chicago’s side. They can and will get a lot more if they packaged Kane and Domi (though it appears they won’t get great value for Kane because he only wanted one team. See also Jarome Iginla).

GM Dan: Here’s why Arizona says no — They give up a lot of salary cap space, which is their biggest weapon, for nothing tangible. If they buy draft picks, they’ll get more than a third rounder for the type of money you’re proposing. Jan Rutta is a nice defenseman, but he’s not nearly as valuable on a bottom feeder.

GM Dan: Is impressed. At first glance, I dismissed it. Then I let it sit for a minute, and it’s not far off from the Penguins trade for Rickard Rakell. The money balances. Anaheim gets a little something (Brock McGinn) and a second-rounderr.

I’m not sure about Henrique’s LBI, but if its not serious, this offer is. Maybe GMs Ron Hextall and Pat Verbeek (former Patrick Division rivals) will develop some of the symmetry that Jim Rutherford and Bob Murray had.

I like it.

GM Dan: I’ve been told for several years how much Dallas likes Radek Faksa. It seemed every year I put him on the Penguins 3C list, and every year a trusted Dallas source would load up the ice bucket and dump cold water all over it.

However, Faksa has 12 points in 59 games this season. He had a “whopping” 19 points last season. Does he really provide enough offense? I’m not sure he’s a big enough upgrade over Teddy Blueger.

The idea of snagging Khudobin for insurance has merit.

Ok, one more:

GM Dan pounds the table: Would you sell your car tonight without a way to get to work tomorrow?

Anaheim isn’t going to hand over Gibson for a rental goalie. If he can be extricated from Disneyland, it’s going to take a substantial offer. Last season, Gibson told Anaheim he’d welcome a trade. You can see how far that got him.

Tristan Jarry probably would not sign in Anaheim. He’s a No. 1 goalie in his prime, and given the choice, he’s going big money and to a Cup contender.